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Dying to Get In?

What to do when your graveyard is full, yet the grass still needs cutting?  That's the dilemma Vancouver's biggest cemetery found for itself. 

Soccer Robots

Take ten engineering students from a bunch of disciplines, add an insane amount of hours, thousands of lines of computer code. 

Senior Swimmer

71 years after she competed at the British Empire Games in Sydney, Australia, a 90 year old Vancouver woman is back in training for the World Masters Games. 

Lost Ball

One of the exciting dramas played out every day on the schoolgrounds of North America.  Yet how many get recorded by TV cameras? 

My Mistake

I like viewers who keep me on my toes.  People who correct me when I make a mistake.  

Gordon Smith

A day spent with a leading abstract artist, Gordon Smith, a member of the Vancouver School.  He's celebrated in art circles.  But he's not just modest about his achievements. 

Osprey Magic

One of the great things that can happen when you wander about with a video camera is you discover stories that are even better than the one you intended to shoot.  Case in point, this one.  

Eagle Cam Chicks

The eagle cam sensation continues to attract web viewers worldwide, attracted to this up close view of wild life the makes for some amazing reality TV.  

Eagle Cam Fever

They're back, and bigger than ever.  B.C. eagle cams waiting for the eggs to hatch at three separate locations. 

U-Brew Boom

Hey, you want a good news story in all this economic doom and gloom? Well, chug on this one. 

Too Many Strawberries

Beautiful sunny, warm weather is just great for strawberries.  Too great, it seems.  I got a near panicky letter from BC strawberry growers asking me to help them deal with their bounty. 


Now I take personal grooming very seriously, especially as it applies to other people.  For myself, it's shave, shampoo and I'm ready to go.  So when I first heard of this term 'manscaping' I was curious in a mildly repulsed way.  Nothing more than a mild shudder, mind you.  I'm no prude. 

Doritos Guru

A Vancouver man tries to win an online ad contest for a new corn chip.  I play the uninvited party guest.  

A Toss Up

Is this the best catapult ever built?  And if it is, what then?  Let's not put our blinkers on for this one folks. 

Love Birds

A sure sign of spring only with a twist.  Star crossed interspecies romance. 

Settlers of Catan

With video games dominating the distraction set, why are board games making a comeback? 

Nazi Dinosaurs

The story behind the 20 dollar, made in Vancouver, hit youtube video. 

The Heartbreak of B.H.D.

The weather in Vancouver got me noticing how the cold gives everyone a B-H-D icon_video.gif

Let It Snow

Snow first comes to Vancouver's local mountains, long before it comes to the city itself. But what if you bring the snow down from the mountains?  Create a SNOWBALL FESTIVAL icon_video.gif

Flying Grandma

She's not just an 81 one year old runner. She holds three world speed records in the marathon. Or is it more?  BJ McHUGH icon_video.gif


An ode to bubble wrap. If there is one, it's the world's greatest plastic product.  BUBBLE WRAP

Cotton Candy

They don't sell much cotton candy at fairs during the rain. The reason - it dissolves in water. I wanted to know how fast.   Melting Sugar

Smart Cow

You have to see this to believe it. A girl and her cow.  GIT ALONG LITTLE DOGGIE!

Olympic Fountain

A little example of how the City of Vancouver is taking an "if you've got it, flaunt it" approach to the 2010 games.  An amazing fountain that's not really a fountain at all.  BIG WATER

Wrestling Camp

Sport camps are a part of many kid's summers. If you're going to learn a sport, it's not a bad idea to learn from the best.