More than 250 high school students competed to secure their place as a News Day student reporter in 2012 and had the rare opportunity to work with CBC and The Vancouver Sun staff.

CBC hosts, reporters, producers, technical staff and The Vancouver Sun columnists and reporters volunteer their skills and talent to help student reporters get their stories to broadcast, online and in print for News Day in B.C.

This unique opportunity to work one on one with CBC and The Vancouver Sun teams has always been one of the most memorable experiences for the student reporters.

  • Theresa Lalonde (Newsday lead mentor and producer)
  • Elaine Chau (CBC Radio One, workshop mentor)
  • Marie Bartlett (Lead radio mentor, CBC Radio One)
  • Adrienne Tanner (Deputy Managing Editor, workshop mentor)
  • Bev Wake (City Editor, Vancouver Sun, workshop mentor)
  • Gerry Bellett
  • Gordon Hoekstra
  • Darah Hansen
  • Linda Kaye (Sylvan Learning Centre)

Newsday 2012 Stories