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A hugely popular Vancouver blogger and podcaster has died.   

When Time is Money

time is moneyThere have been many recent stories from us and other media outlets about rising prices.

That's rising prices in food, in gas, and many items as a result of shortages in raw goods. 

 Whether it be frost or political struggle there is no denying it, things will soon cost more.


Sleeping with Fluffy

Bedtime snuggles.jpgIt might not be for everyone.  Allergy suffers who've never been exposed to cats or dogs may sneeze the night away.  Extremely light sleepers who need a lot of space may want to pass on a cuddly tag along between the sheets.


New Consumer Beat

canadian-money.jpgThe fact my beat is changing is good news. It means the world of social media is now so much a part of everyday life it is covered by all reporters. It will continue to be covered by reporters here at CBC Vancouver, just not in a special beat.
I will begin a new consumer beat for TV, radio and the web.

(photo chisD.ca)