The Heart of the Park: Stanley Park celebrates 125 years

Vancouver's iconic Stanley Park celebrates its 125th anniversary this year.

The beloved 1,001-acre park, the third largest urban park in North America, officially opened on Sept. 27, 1888.

Stanley Park, which was designated a national historic site in 1998, includes the renowned century-old seawall, forest trails, beaches and the Vancouver Aquarium. But much of the space is still densely forested and largely undeveloped.

We look back at the history of the city's first official greenspace, how the park was used then and how it's used now, and delve into Stanley Park's significance to area First Nations.

Stanley Park 125

Celebrating 125 years

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Wilderness in the City

The Stanley Park Zoo officially opened in 1988 and closed in 1993. Hear from a former zoo manager, and a current conservationist with the Stanley Park Ecological Society.


Park Inspired Art

Stanley Park has long inspired local artists and musicians. We spoke to local artists who have been inspired by the space.


Patrolling the Park

The Vancouver Police Mounted Squad was formally commissioned in 1910 with 10 officers and 12 horses tasked with patrolling the park and outlying areas of the city. Today, the unit consists of seven officers and 10 horses.


Sundays in the Park

Stanley Park opened on September 27, 1888 -- making it the city's first official green space. Take a look back at how the park has been used over the years, and check out how families are using it today.


Military Stronghold

Before it was Stanley Park, the peninsula was used as a military reserve. Today, the Stanley Park Barracks are used as headquarters for reserve and cadet units


First in the Park

We take a look at the park's significance to area First Nations, from Stanley Park’s totem poles to how the park was used by First Nations then and now.


The Timber Rush

We take a look at Stanley Park's timber rush as we unveil the park's secrets.


9 o'clock gun

We take a look at the 9 o'clock gun as we unveil Stanley Park's secrets.


The Rock Garden

Exploring the rock garden as we unveil Stanley Park's secrets.


Lost Lagoon

How the lagoon came to life with the construction of the Stanley Park causeway


Making the park

Learn more about the controversy when Stanley Park was created.


Stanley Park's presidential visit

William Harding was first sitting U.S. president to visit Canada