Baby boomers hit the silver ceiling in the workplace

The Baby Boom phenomenon gave its name to the generation that came into existence between 1946 and 1947 with a wave of births following a long period of deprivation (including two world wars and the Great Depression) that levelled off between 1964 and 1966. Baby boomers wanted and largely got everything their parents did not have: a higher education, a good career and above all, a freedom to make financial and lifestyle choices.

This past year the first baby boomers turned 65, traditionally but not necessarily the age of retirement. A boom in the older market for travel, leisure and investing is paralleled by a bulge in older workers within the workforce as many choose to stay on the job, or even change careers. As this generation enters its golden years, what will the creation of a silver ceiling in the workplace mean?

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Boomers by the numbers

Time Wasted Time Wasted by Age Infographic showcasing amount of time wasted in a workday by birth year.

Disabilities Disabilities by Age Group Percentage of B.C. population who are disabled by age group.

Forestry Boomers in the Forestry Industry Percentage of forestry industry workers older than 45.

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Population Population Change Components of population change in B.C.

Population Population Growth Population growth in B.C.

Health Care Costs of Health Care Breakdown of health care costs in B.C. by age

Labour Force 65+ Labour Force Participation rates for the 65 plus population in B.C.

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