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Your B.C. Budget Calculator

The B.C. government is forecasting a deficit of $968 million over the coming year, but Finance Minster Kevin Falcon says he aims to balance the budget by 2013 by keeping a tight rein on spending.

Here is your chance to try to balance the taxes and spending outlined in the 2012/13 provincial budget tabled by Falcon on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 in Victoria.

The B.C. Budget calculator allows you to alter several billion dollars worth of both revenue and expenses that are under control of the province's finance minster. By moving the sliders below you'll see how your choices can affect the size for the deficit this year. Many other areas of the budget are outside of provincial control, such as federal transfers, but all have been included in the final deficit/surplus calculation.

NOTE: As of Feb. 22, we have added the $200 million forecast allowances for 2012/13 to our calculator.

Updated: Feb. 22, 2012

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