• bvss_s3_the_ted

    The Ted

      Posted on Aug 1, 2019 It's not your job to change him, it's his job to change himself.
  • bvss-s3-just-the-small-thing

    Just the Small Thing

      Posted on Jul 18, 2019 Whatever's easiest.
  • bvss_s3_breakup


      Posted on Jul 4, 2019 Official diagnosis: She's gone full craft.
  • bvss_church-friends

    Church Friends

      Posted on Jun 25, 2019 It's not easy making friends as an adult.
  • bvss_not_your_waitress

    Not Your Waitress

      Posted on Jun 6, 2019 This is why you should never eat alone.
  • bvss_s3-body-boobs

    Body Boobs

      Posted on May 23, 2019 It might not be a good idea to see your co-workers in the nude at the Women's Water Spa.
  • bvss_s3_david_bowie

    David Bowie

      Posted on May 9, 2019 Where were you when you heard Bowie died?
  • bvss-web-theatre-people

    Theatre People

      Posted on Apr 25, 2019 And scene.
  • bvss_web_expensive-concession

    Expensive Concession

      Posted on Apr 11, 2019 It's just basic math.
  • bvss-web-need-a-hand

    Need A Hand

      Posted on Mar 29, 2019 Always ready to help a fellow change room sister out.
  • bvss_s3_gay-politician

    Gay Politician

      Posted on Mar 6, 2019 We are here to support you, Ted.
  • bvss_switching_tables

    Switching Tables

      Posted on Feb 22, 2019 Do you feel a draft?
  • bvss-quirkiest-girl

    Quirkiest Girl

      Posted on Feb 14, 2019 We all have our quirks.
  • bvss_s3_off_caffeine

    Off Caffeine

      Posted on Jan 24, 2019 Ever tried to give up coffee?
  • bvss_s3_important_magazine

    Important Magazine

      Posted on Jan 16, 2019 Subscribing is easy...

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