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April 2014 Archives

April 26th: Early Winters, Light Fires / Gentleman Reg

April 19th: Kalle Mattson & other Northerners


  • Kalle Mattson Moon Will Be Gold.jpgSault Ste Marie's KALLE MATTSON on his new album Someday the Moon Will Be Gold. The painting on the cover art is by his Mom, who passed away when he was just 16 years old. It was that teenage experience that's at the forefront of the songs on the album.  
  • The second part of Meg Wilcox's two documentaries on Women of the North. This time she speaks to the new generation of 20-something songwriters: BINAESHEE-QUAE, ROSE-ERIN STOKES, and MARIE-CLAIRE ET LES HULA HOOPS.
  • CBC Music Searchlight contenders: SCARY BEAR SOUNDTRACK (from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut) and THE ALMIGHTY RHOMBUS (Sudbury).
  • Plus tunes from just a few of the kind musicians who got their first radio play on Bandwidth, and lamented the news this week that the show will be cancelled at the end of this season: DOG IS BLUE, KOOL KRYS, and MASIA ONE.