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Chris McKhool, Scarlett Jane, & more

  • A little boy who grew up playing violin in Ottawa and who was regularly in attendance at the orchestra has made a career out of those memories...though they weren't all golden: CHRIS MCKHOOL recalls looking out his bedroom window while he practised violin  and seeing other kids playing basketball in the park. I guess it paid off in the end as after eight albums and countless tours he's definitely made a career of his music solo and with his band SULTANS OF STRING.
  • I'll also chat with Chris's Mom and Dad in a new feature I'm debuting called MEET THE PARENTS.
  • My Sprinterview with the ladies of SCARLETT JANE accidentally turned into a band intervention when I asked from whom they most like to get a hug...and they began to discuss why they should hug more often in their two-woman band! 
  • Plus tunes from THE GERTRUDES and BROCK ZEMAN as well as a poignant one from LEE HARVEY OSMOND's contribution to The Kennedy Suite.
  • Don't forget you still have a chance to enter CBC MUSIC's SONG QUEST for the next great Canadian hockey song.
See you on the radio!