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April 27th: Maple Hill, Northern Scene, Grassroots Festival

Hi you!

I've returned from a chilly but warmly received visit to the motherland: Saskatchewan. The Junos were there last weekend (as you may have heard) and I was a busy producer bee doing this video.
If you want to enter a contest on the show tomorrow, to win tickets to the CBC Music Festival May 25th, you'd better click that link above...
I'll tell you about two different festivals happening in Ottawa this weekend: Ottawa Grassroots Festival, which I'm MC'ing Saturday night, and Northern Scene featuring over 250 fabulous artists from Canada's North.

Also on the show: bluegrass from Maple Hill, Nunavut fiddle from Colin Adjun, and truly man-made music from Jean-Paul de Roover of Thunder Bay. Plus Elisapie, Better Weather, Suzie Vinnick, Mackenzie Blues Band, Gentlemen Husbands, and Amanda Rheaume

Cue the claps! See you on the radio...


JUNOS! Kathleen Edwards, Danny Michel, Maestro Fresh Wes...

Danny Michel's Ocean Academy Gives Back!
Ontario is so chock-full of musical talent that there is far too much for one show. However, Bandwidth and CBC Music have always been one step ahead of the masses when it comes to picking winners. The actual awards happen April 20th & 21st in Regina.

I've got some special 90 Second Juno Eggs to scramble, the best bits of some past interviews with this year's crop of nominees.

And a few of the Ontario nominees are: Kathleen Edwards, Danny Michel, Crystal Shawanda, Kira Isabella, Great Lake Swimmers, Bahamas, Hannah Georgas, Arkells, and more!

[Pictured above: Danny Michel has rallied his fans and they've donated thousands to Belize's struggling Ocean Academy school. Now the school is supporting Danny back! He's nominated for a Juno on Saturday in the World Music Album of the Year category!]

New Country Rehab, Great Lake Swimmers, & Ophelia Syndrome

NewCountryRehab_AmandaPutz_Apr2013.JPGNew Country Rehab are on tour throughout Ontario to peddle their old-school meets new-folk-rock sound. We sat around the table at their label's world headquarters in Ottawa to talk about Ghost of Your Charms and the art of writing a good song.


Great Lake Swimmers' last album New Wild Everywhere is nominated for a 2013 Juno Award. Hear them play tunes from it live from Glenn Gould Studio, on Bandwidth.


Hamilton jazz-folk septet Ophelia Syndrome blurt what they really think (contrary to their band name) in a 90 Second Egg speed-interview.

Leif Vollebekk Contest, Devin Cuddy, & Jill Barber

Vollebekk-Leif-North-Americana-Cover-Art.jpgLeif Vollebekk speculates that his new album North Americana's cover shot, of himself looking like he could be his own father circa 1971, may be the reason Dad's not so fond of the CD's package. Nonethess, Dad can't complain about the lovely folk songs within. We chat about lyrics, instruments, and a ringing in Leif's ears.

Devin Cuddy reveals his biggest fear, his most embarrassing moment, and more in a 90 Second Egg.

Jill Barber confesses that she has a passion for old country music. It's a confession anybody could have guessed the moment she sings one line of a Hank Williams song. She owns the tunes in a way only passion can. Jill is backed by the hot talent of Steve Dawson & the Black Hens in a live recording from CBC Vancouver.

Plus two kinds of blues music from Shaun Riley Band and Paul Dellavedova.

Danielle Duval: The Bandwidth Interview

Danielle Duval's music came to my attention a couple of years ago when a colleague from the Toronto TV newsroom sent an email. He said he works with Danielle on The National and she'd just put out a record.


I was smitten on first listen.


Danielle's an exercise in duality: thoughtful, introspective lyrics couched in mostly upbeat, toe-tapping melodies. She's an Anglophone Montreal native whose Lebanese grandparents spoke French to her. Her rookie full-lenth album Of the Valley has all kinds of cameos from established Canadian indie musicians; The Golden Dogs and Zeus among them.


I sat down to figure out exactly who this diminutive folk-pop player is.

Danielle started off by adjusting her own microphone in the studio, like she does for Peter Mansbridge every night that she's not on tour.

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Hayden, The Strain, & The Wooden Sky

Fans of folk-mope troubadour Hayden have grown up alongside him and now he's made the soundtrack to being nearly 40, a parent, and turning old dreams into new ones.


Brother and sister David and Rylee Taggert of The Strain take on the rapid-fire Q&A known as The 90 Second Egg.


I dip into the Bandwidth vault to unearth a gem from 2009: my conversation with The Wooden Sky about their then-new album If You Don't Come Home, You'll Know I'm Gone. 


Playlist - Sat. March 30

Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells
ITEM #1: Hayden
The Strain EGG (Raw Sugar Mar30)
WHAT I WANT - The Strain
Searchlight Promo
IN THE ROAD - Weeping Tile
ITEM #3: The Wooden Sky (2009)
EVENING HYMN - The Wooden Sky