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Gone With The Lind!

Take interviews from Lindi Ortega and Erik Lind, add this windy Ottawa weather and you've got the new Bandwidth new episode, 'Gone with the Lind!"


Hi there, I'm Bandwidth intern Jacqueline Chen. This week, Amanda and I have been hunting for the artists and songs you'll definitely give a damn about. So stay tuned for different things from different Linds!



Playlist for Feb 2, 2013

Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells
DRIVE ME HOME - The Reason
ITEM #1: Lindi Ortega
DAY YOU DIE - Lindi Ortega
THE FIRST LETTER - The Weather Station & Marine Dreams
FROZEN LAKE - Lyndon's Frozen Lake
90 Sec Egg - Erik Lind
THE KICK - Erik Lind & The Orchard
DARK MATTER - Lindy Vopnfjord
ATE QUEM SABE - Fern Lindzon 
And the Track to Start your Saturday Night..