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February 2013 Archives

Black History Month musical celebration!

Black History Month will end when we flip the calendar from let's celebrate some of the music inspired by traditional Motown, reggae, and African beats.


I have an interview with Old Stereo, a funk-soul band from Ottawa. Kae Sun, a Torontonian who originally hails from Ghana will be the featured concert today, and I have a 90 Sec Egg with Almonte's Queen of Canadiana: Kelly Sloan.


Last chance to vote in this round of the CBC Searchlight Contest for Canada's Next Great Musical Act!


Playlist - Saturday, February 23rd:

Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells
CERTAIN THING - Terry Gillespie
OLD STEREO - Old Stereo
Concert: Kae Sun in Toronto
TOO YOUNG, TOO SOON - Kae Sun live
LION ON A LEASH - Kae Sun live
FIREFLY DANCE - Kae Sun live
90 Sec Egg: Kelly Sloan
BACK IN ONTARIO - Andrew Laviolette

Justin Rutledge & Lindi Ortega: The Beating Hearts Show!

JR_pressphotoHeadshot.jpgThis post-Valentine's weekend calls for music to make your heart beat fast, or show, or balm-it if it's broken. I'll have Then & Now segments with Toronto troubadour Justin Rutlege. He raps, he rhymes, his lovely music might make you cry!


Lindi Ortega submits to a rapid-fire Q&A we call The 90 Second Egg.


Plus music from one of my new favourites Lyndon's Frozen Lake, The 24th Street Wailers, Diamond Rings, & The Walkervilles.



Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - The Arkells
PLEASE BABY STAY - The Walkervilles
ITEM #1 - Justin Rutledge interview (originally aired 2006)
JACK, JIM, JOHNNY, AND ME - The 24th Street Wailers
90 Second EGG: Lindi Ortega
LEAD ME ON - Lindi Ortega
ITEM #2: Justin Rutledge interview 2013
BEFORE THE FROST - Lyndon's Frozen Lake
Track to Start Sat Night:
RUNAWAY LOVE - Diamond Rings

90 Second Egg: Kathleen Edwards

Ever wondered how many piercings Kathleen Edwards has, or which Canadian band she's just not into? She reveals all in this rapid-fire interview we call The 90 Second Egg.


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Interview: The Strain

Siblings David and Rylee Taggert, Alex Serre, and Nick Johnston share enough DNA to warrant calling their band The Strain. The electro-pop quartet from Wakefield, Quebec stopped by the Bandwidth studio to talk about going from being in diapers together to driving across the country in a van.


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Hockey! Grammys! Electronica!

This week's episode of Bandwidth will have something for everyone!

Saturday is Hockey Day in Canada in Peterborough, and we certainly can't get enough of hockey here on Bandwidth. We'll be hearing from Ontario artists who played from last year's Charlottetown Hockey Day concert: Stolen from A Hockey Card

Plus, we'll bring you the scoop on which artists made or missed the Grammy Awards' spotlight. 

Fresh off their east coast tour, The Strain stopped by the studio to talk about their own musical journey, an adventure that started in their diaper days. 

Finally, if you're itching to show off your music chops, check out this new Searchlight contest for chance to win $20,000 of musical equipment and be named Canada's Next Great Musical Act.

That's all you'll hear from me, folks. Tune in on Saturday for the show and remember, you can always get more updates by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter!

Jacqueline the Intern

Playlist for Feb. 9, 2013
Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells
ITEM #1 - The Strain
UNTOLD - The Strain
FOURTEEN AND ME - Stephen Stanley
ST. PETER'S BAY - Sarah Harmer

Interview: The Brothers Dubé

At 15, 14, and 12 they may not be old enough to play in clubs, but The Brothers Dubé have already made a name for themselves playing with the likes of Arcade Fire. We met up at their home in Orléans to talk about the relationship they have with music and hockey.

AIRED JAN 26/13 as part of the BANDWIDTH HITS THE BOARDS episode.



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90 Second Egg with Erik Lind

This Victoria-born, Ottawa-raised, Montrealer (who cheers for the Canucks!) submitted to a rapid-fire interview we call The 90 Second Egg. Erik Lind (of Erik Lind & The Orchard) was recording his answers into his mobile phone in his home in Montreal while speaking to me on the landline. It's a bit of a bandaged piece of tape but it worked out great!



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Interview: Lindi Ortega

Torontonian country chanteuse Lindi Ortega hauled her little red cowboy boots to Nashville a year ago. I caught up with her in Ottawa to talk about what that did for her career and why she is so darn confessional in her vintage country songs. Stream the interview below.

You can also hear my 2011 interview with Lindi by clicking here.


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Gone With The Lind!

Take interviews from Lindi Ortega and Erik Lind, add this windy Ottawa weather and you've got the new Bandwidth new episode, 'Gone with the Lind!"


Hi there, I'm Bandwidth intern Jacqueline Chen. This week, Amanda and I have been hunting for the artists and songs you'll definitely give a damn about. So stay tuned for different things from different Linds!



Playlist for Feb 2, 2013

Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells
DRIVE ME HOME - The Reason
ITEM #1: Lindi Ortega
DAY YOU DIE - Lindi Ortega
THE FIRST LETTER - The Weather Station & Marine Dreams
FROZEN LAKE - Lyndon's Frozen Lake
90 Sec Egg - Erik Lind
THE KICK - Erik Lind & The Orchard
DARK MATTER - Lindy Vopnfjord
ATE QUEM SABE - Fern Lindzon 
And the Track to Start your Saturday Night..