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EXPAND YOUR BANDWIDTH -- the top 10 revealed!

meg and adam s in studio.jpgEighty entries and 44,000 votes later... it's time to share the top 10 in the Expand Your Bandwidth contest! Musician, DJ and CBC producer extraordinaire Adam Saikaley's in studio with me (left) as we reveal the acts still in the running for a live studio session right here on the show.


While the contest was mostly about the music, there were a few interesting twists -- one of them was watching bands as they brought out their own special incentives for voting for them. Most bands offered draws for free CDs or merch, but Ottawa all-girl pop band Scary Bear Soundtrack had a... different... idea:



 ... ouch. What some bands do for their art...


Here, in no particular order, are the top 10 finalists in the Expand Your Bandwidth contest, as determined by online votes:


Playlist for November 3rd, 2012:


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

HOME - Jack Pine and the Fire

CONTEST REMIX by Adam Saikaley

(Everyone Knows/Promise; Wake Up/Dry River Caravan; Goodbye/Monday I Retire; The Proposal/The Joynt; Nowhere Near My Heart/Kori Pop; Southbound Amtrack/Lost Anglers; On The Level/Jef Kearns; PAWPWALK/Ron Davis)

LOVE NOW - Beth Moore

STUCK TO YOU - Alyson McNamara

AMADEUS - JoJo Worthington

HELL TO PAY - The Liquid Edge

PASSING TIME - Ophelia Syndrome

DIRTY OLD MAN - Three Little Birds

ECHO - Zoo Legacy


And the track to Start Your Saturday Night...



... the top 10 bands now go to a panel of three judges (Brad Frenette from CBC Music, Steve Venegas from CBC Radio 3, and myself) to decide the winner... and who you'll soon be hearing LIVE on Bandwidth.


And don't forget to check out the CBC playlist I made of the entrants -- fantastic musicians from across the province and all sorts of genres, definitely worth a listen! You can find it here.


Have a fantastic week, and I'll catch you back here on Saturday to share the EXPAND YOUR BANDWIDTH winner with you!