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Interview: Lowlands

lowlands studio sit.jpg


Guelph band Lowlands has been called "folk with a rock heart that's been tinged with whiskey."


And that whiskey is probably home brew -- Lowlands has completely embraced the Do It Yourself route --
lead singer Gordon Auld even drew the artwork for the band's sophomore album, Huron.


Click below to hear Meg's interview with bandmates Gordon Auld and Abrahm Del Bel Belluz, which aired on Bandwidth on Oct. 27th:


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Lowlands talks busking and the Walkervilles bring the party

lowlands studio stand.jpg

A lot of musicians get their start on the streets... busking, that is. And for Gordon Auld and Abrahm Del Bel Belluz (left), that's how their band Lowlands started -- entertaining the line-ups for shows at Toronto's Great Hall. They stopped by the Bandwidth studio to talk about their new album, Huron, and what it's like to work for wine and tips.



This week, you'll also meet the Walkervilles, one of the hottest new bands to come out of Windsor. In a piece from talented freelancer Allison Brown, you'll hear how the Walkervilles got their name... and hear a couple exclusive songs from the band.


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Playlist for October 27th, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

OCEANS - Tusks

Sting: DOG'S BITE - Lowlands

INTERVIEW - Lowlands

EMBERS - Lowlands

Sting: SPARKS - Adaline

EGG - Adaline


Sting: ORDINARY BIRD - The Cardboard Nationals




GET MYSELF INTO IT - The Walkervilles

PAK - The Walkervilles

PLEASE BABY STAY - The Walkervilles

Sting: WHAT COLOUR ARE YOU? - Danny Michel

SNOWY SOUL - Trent Severn

And the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...

GHOSTS - Hooded Fang

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You can vote for up to 3 of your favourite bands once a day. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, October 28th, 2012.


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Interview: The Claytones

claytones studio 2.jpgA first listen to The Claytones and you won't believe they've only just put out their first album. That's partly because Kelly Prescott, Adam Puddington and Anders Drerup are all seasoned musicians, learning their craft at home in the Ottawa Valley.

To catch this band live is a real treat -- their harmonies soar over their driving rhythms, the band's chemistry is fantastic -- great stage banter... And to top it off, you'll probably leave the show coveting lead singer Kelly's purple cowboy boots.


Click below to hear Meg's interview with The Claytones, which aired on Bandwidth on October 20th:


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Interview: Mike Dubue from the Hilotrons


The Hilotrons have been the darlings of Ottawa's pop rock scene for pretty much the decade they've played together. Their mix of electronic and pop and international pop styles means awesome dance parties wherever they play... And more often than not, you could find them at the Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield, QC.

The Hilotrons have had a pretty great 11 years... but the band is unfortunately wrapping things up.
They play their last show TONIGHT, fittingly at the Black Sheep Inn.


Click below to hear Meg's interview with Hilotrons frontman Mike Dubue, which aired on October 20th:


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The Hilotrons' last hurrah and live tunes from the Claytones

Mike Dubue office.jpg


As you can tell by the picture to your left, Hilotrons frontman Mike Dubue doesn't like to take an ordinary picture... and it's probably that same instinct that's created the Hilotrons' danceable mash up of electronic, pop and even internationl pop influenced music over the years.


But all good things must come to an end... and tonight at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, QC, is the Hilotrons' last live show. Mike stopped by the studio to talk about why the band's calling it quits after 11 years... and to share some tracks from their final yet-to-be released album, At Least There's Commotion.



claytones studio 1.jpg

And Almonte's Claytones stopped by the Bandwidth studios to talk about their debut album, Lake in the Night -- and to share a few live songs off the record! Oh, and they do a mighty fine impersonation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, too...




- Hilotrons TONIGHT at the Black Sheep Inn at 8:30pm


- The Claytones have a few live shows in the Ottawa Valley before they hop on the CP Holiday train, find them here


- Matthew Barber plays the 4th stage at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa tonight at 7:30pm


EXPAND YOUR BANDWIDTH! Bands, last-minute entries are accepted until midnight tonight... and voting starts at 6 p.m. tonight and runs until midnight on October 28th. To vote, check out more details here on the Bandwidth website.


Have a fantastic weekend, and I'll catch you back here next week!




Playlist for October 20th, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

BOI KALAH - Jaffa Road

Sting: EMERGENCY STREET - Hilotrons

INTERVIEW - Mike Dubue of the Hilotrons

DANGER WORLD - Hilotrons (first listen off their upcoming album!)

Sting: SLIP AWAY - Danny Shamess

THE HITCHIKER - Our Shotgun Wedding (in the running for EXPAND YOUR BANDWIDTH)


EGG - Emile-Claire Barlow

CHEZ MOI - Emilie-Claire Barlow

Sting: BROTHER HOLD ON - The Claytones

INTERVIEW - The Claytones

OUT ON THE ROAD TONIGHT - The Claytones (live)

INTERVIEW - The Claytones

WON'T LET GO - The Claytones (live)

And the Track to Start your Saturday Night...

SOFT ONE - Matthew Barber


EXPAND final img.jpg


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Ontario bands and musicians have until Saturday to enter the EXPAND YOUR BANDWIDTH contest... but you can start to take a look at the talented entrants now!

Interview: The Joynt

the joynt talking.jpgBy all accounts, Peter Joynt has had a pretty big year.

One of his music videos went viral...

Then the Ottawa Senators -- the hockey team -- asked him to make a special Sens version of the song...

He got married... AND he even won a car in Roll Up The Rim! Seriously, what can this guy NOT do?

You may know Peter as The Joynt, and on his new album, Self-Sampled, he raps about all of it.

Click below to hear Meg's interview with the Joynt, which aired on Bandwidth on October 13th:


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Interview: Inlet Sound

inlet sound studio sit.jpg

When you look at the paper these days, or turn on the news, it's easy to see the appeal of Romanticism
It was society's push back against the whirlwind of industrial development -- The Romantics were about the country, adventure, art, poetry, self-discovery...

It's also the title of the debut album by folk band Inlet Sound, which comes out on Tuesday.

Click below to hear Meg's interview with Inlet Sound, which aired on Bandwidth on October 13th:


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Inlet Sound chases The Romantics and the Joynt shares his O-town love

inlet sound studio stand.jpg

It's not too hard to get swept up into the ideals of the Romantics -- nature, poetry, art, adventure, love, self-discovery -- and that's exactly what the band Inlet Sound tackles on their debut album, The Romantics. We chat about the new album, recording around Ontario, losing those idealistic notions, and cutesy songs about cats (you know, the things that matter).


You'll also meet Kori Pop, a singer-songwriter from Hamilton. Kori has a voice so sweet it calms even the crankiest baby... check out the YouTube proof:



You can stream the whole album here, and don't be surprised if it lulls you into a calm stupor as well!

the joynt smile.jpg



On today's show I also chat with The Joynt (also known as Peter Joynt) about his brand new album, Self-Sampled, as well as all of the other crazy things that have happened to him this year, including but not limited to: having his Capcity video go viral, mentoring fellow stutterer and rap prodigy Lil JaXe, and getting married (via a proposal song he wrote for his fiancée!)



 Check out his video for Capcity right below:



---!!!CONTEST ALERT!!!---

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- Inlet Sound is playing in Toronto at Soupstock Festical on Oct 21st, more dates on their site

- Nancy Dutra's playing in Peterborough on Oct. 16th -- details on her website

- The Joynt's CD release party for Self-Sampled is happening TONIGHT at the Orange Gallery in Hintonburg in Ottawa.


Have a great rest of your weekend, and don't forget to tell your favourite Ontario band about the Expand Your Bandwidth contest! It'll be your chance to pick your favourites starting next week.




Playlist for October 13, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

MODERN SPIRIT - The Tragically Hip

Sting: ROMANTICS 1 - Inlet Sound

INTERVIEW - Inlet Sound


Sting: ONTARIO - Will Currie & the Country French

BYE BYE BABY - Nancy Dutra

Sting: PATIENCE MY PATIENT - Faraway Neighbours

ECHO - Zoo Legacy

Sting: YOU KNOW - The Joynt



Sting: HANDS IN - Kashka


And the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...

BLACK IS GOOD - Young Rival



Interview: Whitehorse

whitehorse couch pic.jpg


Click below to hear Meg's 3-part interview with Whitehorse (aka Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet) that aired on Bandwdith on October, 6th:



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Whitehorse in conversation and Windsor harvests the FAM

whitehorse couch pic.jpg

... Wait, it's October already? Well, lucky for you, the best way to enjoy the fall weather is to slip on a sweater and curl up with Whitehorse's new album, The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss. Today, I've got a chat with the duo of Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet (left) -- we talk everything from how the album got its dramatic name to what it's REALLY like for the married couple when they're in the studio recording.


Along with the interview, you'll hear part of the band's awesome CBC Music Cabin Rehearsals, recorded at a cabin on Lake Eerie. Find the whole session here, and check out one of the videos here:




This weekend and next, Windsor's in full festival mode as Harvesting the FAM hits the city. Allison Brown, singer-songwriter and freelancer extraordinaire, gives us a taste of what the festival's like. Check out the Harvesting the FAM website for a full lineup.


And contests, contests, contests! Ottawa listeners, be sure to check out the Lynn Miles contest on the All in a Day website to win a chance to sing live on stage with Lynn later this month.


And if you want to EXPAND YOUR BANDWIDTH with a live studio session on this show, check out the blog post above!




- Whitehorse plays the National Arts Centre in Ottawa on February 20th; Massey Hall in Toronto on March 2nd

- The Born Ruffians (fronted by Luke Lalonde) are playing through Ontario in November, details on their website


And that's about it for this week -- be sure to check out the EXPAND YOUR BANDWIDTH contest and tell your favourite local musicians to enter!




Playlist for October 6th, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

DAY YOU DIE - Lindi Ortega

Sting: ACHILLES' DESIRE - Whitehorse

INTERVIEW - Whitehorse


INTERVIEW - Whitehorse

NO GLAMOUR IN THE HAMMER - Whitehorse (live)

INTERVIEW - Whitehorse

DEVIL'S GOT A GUN - Whitehorse (live)

Sting: ALL BOATS DON'T RISE - Loon Choir

UNDONE - Luke Lalonde

Sting: REUNION - Papermaps


RESCUE ME - The Unquiet Dead

Sting: SORT IT OUT - Fevers


And the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...

LITTLE BIRD - Lynn Miles