Useful Apps for College & University Students


We live in a highly connected world. As smartphones take over from standard mobile devices, more and more students are discovering new apps that can help them be more productive and effective in their studies.

Here are a few apps we think can help you learn, retain information, and generally become the super-connected student of the future.

MyPocketProf (iOS & Android) FREE
Where are my notes? If this is a question you've ever asked (and if you're a student, I'm guessing it is), then MyPocketProf is a good app for you. Not only does it allow you to copy and paste your notes from Word, PDF, or Excel documents into your phone, you can also share course notes with friends, set up online test questions to prep for exams, and even meet someone who's studying the same thing as you.

iStudiez Pro (iOS) $2.99
This app is designed to help students organize their time and stay on top of all their courses and assignments. With a built-in organizer that's designed specifically for students, iStudiez Pro lets you input and easily manage all types of schedules, and even add contact details and office hours for you prof. It will alert you when an assignment is due, summarize the day's tasks, and even track your GPA!

Chegg (iOS) & (Android) FREE
Textbooks can get expensive, not to mention cumbersome and wasteful - how many times do you expect to pull out an old textbook once your course is done and read it? Wouldn't it be great if you could just rent your textbook instead? Chegg for iPhone and for Android are designed to help you do just that. Just enter the textbook's information, compare the price of renting it with the price of buying it at the bookstore, and get it shipped to you!

Audionote (iOS) $4.99
An advanced note-taking app that combines voice recording with typing to create notes that will give you a complete picture of what you learned. Audionote records what the professor is saying while you write notes. When you're reviewing later, you can go straight to a relevant piece of audio just by tapping the text you were writing at that moment! You can even handwrite or draw notes with your finger. All in all, a great companion on your learning journey.