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Final Episode of Backbencher - Ep. 20 "The Vote" by Wendy Lill

Script Editor:  Dave Carley, Recording Engineer: Pat Martin, Associate Producer: Maggie Rahr, Political consultant: Lucile MacGregor and the Producer of Backbencher is Peggy Hemsworth.

Immediately after her amendment passed in the Justice Committee last week, MP Nellie Gordon received the tragic news that Misty Simmons attempted suicide.  In this final episode of Backbencher, the reality of the wheels of government responding to the world at large has Nellie flabbergasted as the Security and Detention Bill comes to the House for a final vote. 

Joanne Miller is Nellie Gordon, Louise Renault is Renée LeBlanc,
Lee J Campbell is Herb Proctor, Genevieve Steele is Tina Simmons,
Cory Bowles is Sean Higgins, Deborah Allen is Catherine Gordon,
Christian Murray is Ray Brady,  John Dartt is Alf Graham, Christopher Shore is Lars Edmunds,  Mary Vingoe is Wanda Greyson, Sebestian LaBelle is Sylvain Corbeil,  Jacob Robertson is Ben Gordon and Gary Levert and Mauralea Austin round out the cast.

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