Episode 2: How important is spelling?

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Canadians love to spill on spelling -- now more than ever. The way we spell is being affected by the rise of technology (and American spell check) and the number of ESL speakers. We see incorrect spelling, and creative new spelling, everywhere from texts and emails to websites and research papers. Some of us decry the sorry state of spelling. But others say it's part of the changing times. We'd love to know how important spelling is to YOU! Comment here, send an email to: babel@cbc.ca, or call: 416-205-2285. Get on the air!


We'll head to Bayview Glen School in Toronto to check in with young students playing Scrabble. While they love setting down those high-scoring words (and who doesn't?), they also like to zip off text messages. So there's a little conflict when it comes to traditional versus creative spelling.

Erin Jansen knows all about those creative new words, and she'll fill us in. She's the founder of netlingo.com, a website with thousands of cyberterms that people use when they interact in the online and mobile world. Erin has plenty to say about the new spelling!

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Some teachers are incensed about the state of spelling. But others, including Frances Woolley, have a more philosophical approach to it. She teaches economics at Carleton University. Frances says that it comes down to what education is for: teaching subjects like economics, or preparing students for the workforce?

When it comes to learning how to spell, how are we doing, especially people who speak English as a second language? We'll find out what goes on in an ESL class in Vancouver.
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Whether English is your first language or not, shopping online is something everybody's buying into. But we can get frustrated at seeing typos on a company's website, to the point where we simply take our business elsewhere. We'll talk with online business entrepreneur Charles Duncombe about a recent study in the U.K. It found that a single spelling mistake on the website Tights Please cut online sales in half! View image

Misspelling is something that doesn't just hit the pocket books, it can also hit the heart. When we're looking for love, some of us say spelling is a deal-breaker. And that if you can't spell love correctly, well, you're playing with fire.

Thankfully, we have Autocorrect and search engines like Google, which actually reward us for spelling incorrectly. Now, whether that's good or bad is up for debate!

Leave us a comment and let us know how important spelling is to YOU!