Mariel-About-300.jpgBabel isn't your typical show about English. It's a conversation about our ever-evolving language in today's Canada, where old ideas collide with new realities. With one in five Canadians speaking English (and French) as a second language, host Mariel Borelli explores the impact of diversity, technology, and community on Canadian English.

Host Mariel Borelli has an Argentinian passion for languages. It started when she volunteered to teach Spanish to her Korean neighbours at the age of eleven. And when a short-wave radio allowed her to listen to shows from all over the world in different languages, she knew she had to set forth and discover distant lands. She learned English on a scholarship in the U.S., got a graduate degree in journalism, and worked in radio and TV in Argentina. Mariel came to Canada in 1999, heading straight to the Arctic, of course! But when the winters got too much, she moved south. Mariel has been with the CBC in Toronto since 2001, working with national radio programs, translating for network programs including the fifth estate, and currently helps produce CBC Radio's Fresh Air.

colleen website 2.jpgColleen Ross is Babel's creator/producer. She's long enjoyed reading dictionaries for pleasure and pretending she has an accent. For the past five years, Colleen has toiled away writing a language column for CBC.ca called "Word of Mouth". She's currently a senior producer for CBC local shows across the country, and has produced for many network radio shows, as well as done time as a reporter (they even sent her to China!).
She has graduate degrees in English and Journalism, taught at a German university, and worked in France and West Africa. She's fluent in French and German but for some reason wants to learn Spanish now!  

Brian website 3.jpgBrian Cauley is Babel's sound designer. He's also a poet, musician and installation artist. He recently descended from the mountains where he spent some serious time playing with sound at The Banff Centre. Brian has a Masters in Audio Production from Ryerson University where he completed an audio series and wrote a thesis about people's relationship with audio story telling. He's hosted and produced several online and radio series, including Well Versed and School of Hustle. When he's not in the studio, Brian can be found weaving through traffic on his bike on the way to a Blue Jays game.

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