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The Edmonton Model (Interview with Angus McBeath)

Posted by Christina Harnett

As the gap between rich and poor widens, many say we need a revolution in education to help more kids succeed in school.

Thirty years ago, that revolution happened in Edmonton - and it was led by a Maritimer.

Angus McBeath was born in New Brunswick, educated in Nova Scotia and started teaching on Prince Edward Island.

But it was as the superintendent of Edmonton Public Schools that he really made his mark.

He speaks to Pauline about the lessons schools here can take away from the Edmonton model.


Mind The Gap

Posted by Christina Harnett

It's September. A month of new backpacks and unscuffed shoes and fresh looseleaf. A time alive with acadmic possibility.
But for some children, all that promise just doesn't pan out.
Provincial governments across the country have long tried to figure out why some students barely scrape by, fail classes or drop out of school, while others flourish.
What they've found is that the gap between ambition and achievement isn't so easy to close.
Reporter Lezlie finds out why, in her documentary "Mind the Gap."