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In the Chair, Out of the Box

Posted by Christina Harnett

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Gerry Post spent his career helping businesses and governments find solutions to their problems.
When he came up against the ultimate personal challenge himself, he decided to tackle it in the same straightforward way.
Now he also tries to help other people in his new-found community.
Documentary prducer Dick Miller brings us Gerry's story.

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Long Way Home

Posted by Christina Harnett

Kate MacEachern may not be part of the Canadian military anymore, but she's still marching for her comrades.

MacEachern is doing her second charity walk in as many years...last year she raised $20,000 in support of physical rehabilitation for injured veterans.

This year she is rasing money and awareness for the cause of PTSD - or post traumatic stress disorder.

The difference is, MacEachern - a trained tank driver - is no longer employed by the Canadian Forces herself.

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An Insider's Guide to Elections

Posted by Christina Harnett

Once "the writ is dropped" and "we're away to the races" all the cliches and canned images are trotted out.

But what really goes on in the backrooms and on the campaign trails?

And how should you - the voter - filter through the noise to make your decision?

We find out from former candidates and political veterans in our documentary this week.

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Hidden Homes

Posted by Christina Harnett

In every city there are rooming houses - buildings subdivided into dozens of small rooms, and rented, usually to men with addiction or mental health issues.

But in Halifax, even these meagre accommodations are disappearing as properties are sold and redeveloped.

So the problem becomes...what to do with the people who were living there?

Freelance reporter Lezlie Lowe finds out in our first documentary of the new season.

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