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A Normal Teenager

Posted by Christina Harnett

(Michael Nowlan, photo credit: Kirsten Gargan)

We hear so many awful stories of bullying in schools and online, kids targeting each other with a seemingly off-hand cruelty.

Many high school students could be forgiven for just wanting to fit in - or fade into the background.

But that's not Michael Nowlan's way.

The Dieppe, New Brunswick teenager is openly gay, and often wears skirts and heels to class. He's also one of the most popular kids in school.

Michael graduates this year, and his teachers say he will leave a legacy of tolerance and kindness behind.

The CBC's Jonna Brewer brings us the story.

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Into The Woods....

Posted by Christina Harnett

(Director Lisa Brown and some students at the Tir Na Nog Forest School in Roachville, New Brunswick.)

We all know Canadian kids need to be more active.
Now there's a growing movement to get them out into nature for a large part of their day.
The trend - called Forest Schools - has already caught on in Northern Europe, and one of the movement's leading proponents is a Maritimer.
The CBC's Connell Smith brings us the story.

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Looking After People with Intellectual Disabilities

Posted by Christina Harnett

Recently we have been looking at some of the issues surrounding the care and treatment for people with intellectual disabilities.

Margot Brunelle brought us a story about the difficulty finding appropriate housing for people who often display aggressive behaviour.

But there is another problem; even in the facilties that exist, the level of training for people who work there may not be meeting their clients' needs.

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