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Dr F Clarke Fraser and the Medical Hall of Fame

Posted by Christina Harnett

When Dr F Clarke Fraser began his medical career, genetics were something you only studied in fruit flies and mice.

The young scientist from Nova Scotia was the first in Canada to bring human medicine and genetics together.

He was also the first to begin counselling families about genetic risks for birth defects.

Now retired at 91, Dr Fraser was recently inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, along with Terry Fox and several other medical luminaries.

Pauline went to visit Dr Fraser at his home in Bear River, near Digby.

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From Russia...via Saint John.

Posted by Christina Harnett

Jewish communities across the region have been shrinking over the last few decades.

It's especially true in Saint John, a city with a long, proud history of Jewish life.

Now the community is looking to an unlikely source for new members...Israel itself.

Freelancer Lorne Daltrop has the story.

(All the music in this story is courtesy of Roman Kekhman.)

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Kandace Hagen and the PEI Abortion Debate

Posted by Christina Harnett

It's the not the kind of story that usually makes headlines.

A group of young people in Atlantic Canada in friendly competition for a leadership award.

But one of those young people was Kandace Hagen, a staunch pro-choice activist who pledged to use her award to help more Prince Edward Island women get access to abortions.

PEI is the only Canadian province that does not perform abortions...women have to go off-Island to either Halifax or Frederiction.

A member of the Island's Right to Life association urged people to vote against Hagen, and instead vote for her nearest competitor, who is from New Brunswick.

Here is Ann Marie Thomlins...

Here is an interview with Ann Marie Thomlins.

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Kandace Hagen and Dr Colleen McQuarrie