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Work Bullies

Posted by Christina Harnett

It's probably won't surprise you to hear there are bullies in the work-place.

What IS surprising are the types of people workplace bullies typically target.

And it may actually shock you to hear how prevalent, costly and dangerous the problem can be.

The CBC's Jerry West speaks to people who have been bullied, people who admit to being a bully, and people who study the phenomenon, and it's effects.

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"We Owe It To Ourselves" (Life and Sex after Cancer)

Posted by Christina Harnett

People who've recovered from cancer know many things are lost to the disease which can never be returned.

This week on Maritime Magazine, meet some people who say sex ISN'T one of them.

The CBC's Julia Cook introduces us to two people, both of them cancer survivors, who talk openly about the road back to intimacy.

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The Chicken War

Posted by Christina Harnett

nadeau floor 3.jpg

St. Francois New Brunswick used to be a happy community.

Now friends and neighbours, even family members, have stopped speaking to each other.

The CBC's Jacques Poitras tells us how a dispute over chickens is threatening to tear a town apart.

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