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Christmas Community Dinner

Posted by Christina Harnett

For many of us, this is the time to leave crowds and noise behind, and hunker down for a quiet holiday with family and close friends.

But in some communities, Christmas Day just wouldn't be the same without the whole town coming together.

On Maritime Magazine this week, freelance broadcaster Philip Moscovitch brings us the story behind Bridgewater, Nova Scotia's Second Annual Community Christmas dinner.

And how organizers discovered the "needy" are not just those who may be short of money.

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Wiping Away the Witches Brew (an update on the Sydney Tar Ponds)

Posted by Christina Harnett

For years it was seen as Canada's most notorious toxic waste site.

The Tar Ponds in the middle of Sydney, Cape Breton collected run-off from the nearly coke ovens and steel plant for nearly a century, a witches brew of chemicals and pollutants that eventually started bubbling out of the ground near people's homes.

It took almost two decades to agree on a way to clean it up...and now that clean-up is almost complette.

The CBC's Wendy Martin gives us an update.

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Parent Abuse

Posted by Christina Harnett

According to research conducted in the Maritimes, 10 to 14 per cent of parents experience some form of abuse at the hands of their children.

Usually the parent in question is the mother, and she's usually raising the children alone.

Recently the CBC's Margot Brunelle met several women taking part in a program called Standing Our Ground, run through the Halifax YWCA.

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