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Castle Frederick Farm

Posted by Christina Harnett

On the west bank of the Avon river, in Nova Scotia's Hants County, the eighth generation of the Bremner family continues to farm a piece of land that has been in the family since 1763.

Earlier this month the province's Archeological Land Trust signed an agreement with the family to protect part of their land as a site of archeological interest.

But the four Bremner sisters - who along with their father,now own the farm - are thinking about the future as much as the past.

Host Pauline Dakin visits the farm and the family to hear their story.
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Edmonton Protocol

Posted by Christina Harnett

There are two-hundred thousand people in Canada with type 1 diabetes.
The cells in their bodies don't produce the insulin required to help turn sugar into energy. Most type 1 diabetics have to really watch what they eat, test themselves constantly, and most importantly, they have to take regular doses of insulin.
But what if they didn't?
We report on the latest research.

Journey to Tompkinsville

Posted by Christina Harnett

Growing up in Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, Lindsay Kyte says she had a vague understanding of the "Antigonish Movement."

But she certainly never knew about her own family's connection to it..until a few years ago.

Now, the actor and playwright is bringing her family history and her art together, to help a new generation of Canadians learn about the famous social justice pioneers

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