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Maritime Magazine in the Summer

Posted by Christina Harnett

Join us on the radio - or scroll through the archives here - for some of our favorite shows from this past season.

And then please come on back in September for brand new documentaries from reporters across the Maritimes.

Have a great summer!

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The Treasure Trove Debate

Posted by Christina Harnett

If you find treasure on land, the rules are pretty clear; hand it all over to the provincial government.

But, if you find treasure under the ocean - at least in Nova Scotian waters - it's a whole other can of worms.

Nova Scotia is the only province with a Treasure Trove Act, orginally written to deal with prospectors hoping to find treasure on Oak Island.

As reporter Stephen Puddicombe tells us, the provincial government is considering whether to change the Act....so he spoke with people for and against the legislation.

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Making the Most of the "I Dos" - how Maritimers could do more to cash in on weddings

Posted by Christina Harnett

Forget romance and "til death do us part", we all know that weddings are big business.

Very big business.

So why aren't more vendors in the region cashing in on the latest must-haves for trendy couples?

This week one local bride-to-be shows us the gaps in the matrimonial marketplace in the Maritimes.

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The Big Split in Nackawic - Privacy, Power and Politics in a small town.

Posted by Christina Harnett

If someone started going through your mailbox at home, or peeking through your window as you composed a letter...chances are you'd consider that an invasion of privacy.

But what if someone started reading your personal e-mails?
What if they did it at work?
And what if that person was your boss?

That's what happened to a former employee at the town council office in Nackawic, New Brunswick.
And,the dispute over whether she has a right to be upset over it - has divided the town.

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