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Costelo, Thomason and Condon on Atlantic Airwaves this week

Posted by Margaret Hemsworth Laleune

erin-costello.jpgOn a cold winter night about fifty people gathered together at the home of Mary and Tak Kikuchi as part of the Point Rock House Concert Series in Fall River, Nova Scotia. Everyone was there to enjoy an evening of music and stories with 3 very talented singer/songwriters - Erin Costelo, Molly Thomason and Ashley Condon.molly-thomason.jpgThumbnail image for Condon.jpg House concerts have become part of the cultural fabric for both musicians and audiences to enjoy an intimate setting sharing music and stories. This one definitely proves that point.

Ian Sherwood, Norma MacDonald and Acres and Acres - all on Atlantic Airwaves this week.

Posted by Margaret Hemsworth Laleune

Thumbnail image for ian-bio.jpgNorma.jpgHere in the Maritimes there is a very active House Concert circuit that creates an alternative venue for musicians to perform. Usually in someone's living room with chairs for about 30 or so people ... it's an intimate, casual setting that lends itself to some wonderful music making. We're going to check in on a House Concert held at Boutiler's Point featuring Ian Sherwood and Norma MacDonald. We'll also have a feature with Kris Pope and Dave Scholten, members of the band Acres and Acres. They'll chat about their recent release 'Truth & Sky'.. Tune in Saturday morning at 10 on CBC Radio 2 and 5 after 5 on CBC Radio 1.


Posted by Margaret Hemsworth Laleune

Thumbnail image for Joe Murphy_02.JPGCarson Downey_Gary Pots_Laura Roy_Kirsten Donawa.JPGThis week on Atlantic Airwaves we've got the remedy for whatever ails you - a full show featuring Joe Murphy's Blues Revue. Joe performed last summer on the Halifax Waterfront as part of the Tall Ships Celebrations with The Water Street Blues Band and guest appearances by some of the region's Who's Who of the Blues .... John Campbelljohn, Carter Chaplin, Carson Downey and Bill Stevenson. Tune in Saturday morning on CBC Radio 2 at 10 a.m. and 5 past 5 in the afternoon on CBC Radio 1.

Tall Ships Orchestra with Luedecke, Myles and Cousins on Atlantic Airwaves

Posted by Margaret Hemsworth Laleune

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Martin MacDonald with Tallk Ships Orchestra.JPGThis week Atlantic Airwaves features the highlight of the Tall Ships Celebrations from last July on the Halifax waterfront. A full symphony orchestra led by conductor Martin MacDonald took the stage at the CBC Pavilion and partnered up with Old Man Luedecke, David Myles and special guest Rose Cousins for an evening of spectacular music making.



Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for grassmarket.jpgWe also have a feature on the bluegrass/country pop group Grassmarket and their latest CD called 'You are for the Ocean'. That's Saturday on Atlantic Airwaves - 10 a.m. on CBC Radio 2 and 5:05 p.m. on CBC Radio One.

Atlantic Airwaves celebrates "12 of 2012"

Posted by Margaret Hemsworth Laleune

Before 2012 becomes a mere memory, Atlantic Airwaves presents "12 of 2012". Selected from the hundreds of new releases that crossed our desks or computers this past year, we'll feature 12 cuts from artists around the region. From Jenn Grant's "The Beautiful Wild" to Acres and Acres' "Truth & Sky" and even a little 'Inner Ninja' by David Myles and Classified. Tune in Saturday at 10 a.m. on CBC Radio 2 and 5 past 5 on CBC Radio 1.

  • Paper Beat Scissors - Paper Beat Scissors

  • Rose Cousins - We Have Made A Spark

  • Steven MacDougall - Cruel and Unusual

  • Gabrielle Papillon - Little Bug

  • Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac - Seinn

  • David Myles and Classified - Inner Ninja

  • Jenn Grant - The Beautiful Wild

  • Acres and Acres - Truth & Sky

  • Amelia Curran - Spectators

  • Erin Costelo - We Can Get Over

  • Dennis Ellsworth - Dusk Dreams

  • Mo Kenney - Mo Kenney

  • Jennah Barry - Young Men

Yes we know there are 13 on the list! As Stephanie mentions in the show - "Really we could have filled 3 hours with all the new material we received in 2012". Enjoy!