with Rachel Cave

Episode 10 - The Settlement

The signing of divorce papers is often described as anticlimactic; tears are more likely to flow than champagne. But it also marks the start of a new life. People have to rediscover themselves and find the courage to move forward. This is a process that can't be rushed. In this episode, people talk about the last day of their acquaintance and how they moved on.


Featured Music: The Last Day of Our Acquaintance/Sinead O'Connor, Call and Answer/Barenaked Ladies, Elephant Gun/Beirut, 1 2 3 Goodbye/Elvis Perkins

Episode 9 - Grown Children

Since the Divorce Act of 1968, many thousands of Canadian children have grown up in broken homes. Many will tell you, they're doing just fine, thank you. But they do regret what they describe as a premature loss of childhood. They say they learned too soon, that some things cannot be put back together and some anger cannot be healed.


Featured Music: Everything is Broken/Bob Dylan, Wonderful/Everclear, Desert Dancer/DJ Nickodemus, On the Road Again/Canned Heat, Absent-Minded Melody/Joel Plaskett 

Episode 8 - Alternatives to Family Court

How do you end a marriage without destroying a family? In Canada, couples have options outside the courtroom, including mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law. Meanwhile, some courts are working to reform the way cases are handled, so that conflict and delays are reduced.

Featured Music: Cell Block Tango (He Had It Coming)/Chicago Movie Soundtrack, Lake Marie/John Prine, Mull of Kintyre/Paul McCartney, What'll I Do/Rufus, Martha and Loudon Wainwright, Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off/Hawksley Workman

Episode 7 - Divorce Evolution

Quebec has the highest divorce rate and the highest cohabitation rate in Canada. Some people say this is a natural outcome when society moves away from the church and toward gender equality. Others say Quebec women are only hurting themselves by not getting married. They say Quebec men don't buy the cow, because they're getting the milk for free. What is the future of marriage in Canada? Where is marriage going?

Featured Music: Like a Prayer/Madonna, Malemolencia/Ceu, Don't Stop Believing/Journey, 10 Contados/Ceu, Somebody to Love, Queen

Episode 6 - An Immigrant's Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process, even for people who have every advantage. It's especially difficult for some immigrant women, who come to Canada looking for love and a better life, but find themselves trapped by a bad marriage and then trapped again, by divorce laws that keep these women and their children, imprisoned in a strange land.


Featured Music: Helpless/Neil Young, Sundown/Gordon Lightfoot, Four Strong Winds/Ian and Sylvia, Anthem/Julie Christensen and Perla Battala, Angel/Sarah McLachlan