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Asian Heritage on Ideas

Monday, May 4, 2009 | 06:49 PM ET


On May 5th, CBC Radio One's Ideas will broadcast The Tale of Genji. Written a thousand years ago by Murasaki Shikibu, a 30 year-old lady in waiting of the 11th century Japanese Heian Court, The Tale of Genji is considered the world's first novel. It‘s a story of politics and intrigue, of sexual conquests, frustrated love and jealousy, of the relationship between art and nature, and of the relationship between nature and the spiritual. Every person schooled in Japan can recite the beginning by heart. Scenes from The Tale of Genji have been the subject of paintings for a millennium and passages from the book have been copied and referenced in plays, poems and novels ever since its writing. Vancouver documentary maker Teresa Goff considers why the novel continues to fascinate.

And on May 20th, listen for Ten Thousand Spirits. A religion going back to the Stone Age is enjoying a newfound popularity in modern-day Korea. Once reviled and driven underground, shamanism today is thriving in temples and cafes. Clients pay mostly female shamans hefty fees to call spirits from the dead, settle old scores, and foretell their future. Vancouver broadcaster Gloria Chang, who was born in Korea, returns to her native land to investigate the amazing powers of knife walking, fortune-telling shamans.

Ideas is CBC Radio's premier program of contemporary thought, with an audience of approximately 400,000 listeners.

Ideas is broadcast Monday through Friday from 9 to 10 pm and is heard throughout Canada and the northern United States on the 402 radio stations and transmitters of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's public broadcaster.

Asian Heritage on The Early Edition

Monday, May 4, 2009 | 06:40 PM ET


Ten years ago four rusty boats landed off the shores of BC. They carried hundreds of migrants from the Chinese province of Fujian. This event sparked fierce debate amongst Canadians about whether the refugees should stay or be deported back to China. Tune into the Early Edition May 19th to 22nd as they tell you what happened to some of the 599 migrants who landed on our shores; and find out how this event changed our immigration system and sense of identity as Canadians.

The Early Edition airs weekdays 5:30 to 8:37 a.m. on CBC Radio One in Britsh Columbia.

China's Long Song on Inside the Music

Monday, May 4, 2009 | 06:25 PM ET


Chances are, you’re holding or wearing something manufactured in the Middle Kingdom - China. Maybe it's even the radio or computer beside your ear. Simply put, a good deal of what we consume now comes from China. But what about music? How much do we know about the music that’s “Made in China?" China’s Long Song is an informative yet personal journey into the roots of Chinese music. Our guide is the Vancouver musician and scholar, Mei Han, With additional narration from Vancouver music producer Matthew McFarlane.

Episode One airs Saturday May 9th on Inside the Music on CBC Radio Two.

China's Long Song | Episode Two

Monday, May 4, 2009 | 06:08 PM ET


“May you live in interesting times.” Both a blessing and a curse in China. This saying captures the essence of China’s turbulent twentieth century. Victim and product of the whirl of revolutions and evolutions, music has been a barometer in China. It has championed political ideologies and signaled changes in the tolerance for dissent as the winds of history swept through the Middle Kingdom. On Inside the Music you'll hear the second in a two-part series called China's Long Song. Host Mei Han, a musician and scholar, takes us on a personal journey inside China’s twentieth century and through its musical revolutions. With additional narration from Vancouver music producer Matthew McFarlane.

Episode Two airs Saturday May 16th on Inside the Music on CBC Radio Two.

Flower Drum Song on North by Northwest

Monday, May 4, 2009 | 05:14 PM ET


Jen Sookfong Lee will be Sheryl MacKay's co-host on North by Northwest Sunday May 10th. Jen will be profiling various Asian Canadians in the BC arts scene, including Rick Tae, the producer of a new all-Asian cast version of Flower Drum Song by Rodgers & Hammerstein, as well as photographers Ellen Ho and Ai Nagasawa who are on a quest to turn everyone into art objects. To find out more, tune in to CBC Radio One in British Columbia from 6am to 9 am on Sunday May 10th.