Zadie Xa creates new meaning for herself through her art

Interdisciplinary artist Zadie Xa's work aims to encapsulate her experience in the Asian diaspora.

Interdisciplinary artist Zadie Xa's work aims to encapsulate her experience in the Asian diaspora

Canadian interdisciplinary artist Zadie Xa—whose work spans sound, video, textile, costuming and performance—has been living and working in London, United Kingdom for some time now. But she wasn't always here and she didn't always have a multi-platform approach to her art.

The Vancouver-born artist initially moved to Spain as a painter. But after several years, she decided to pursue a Master's in Painting at The Royal College of Art. In the thick of her transition to a new city, she also found that her art-making had also started to change. She found that traditional oil on canvas couldn't encapsulate all that she was wanting to communicate as an artist anymore.

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The Vancouver-born artist now works in London, England. 5:51

Now, she says she still considers her work as a form of painting. She uses her visual sensibilities to create a space for viewers to experience the interplay of colours, textiles, images, sound and theatrics-often exploring ideas of belonging and identity through her experience in the Asian diaspora.

In this video, Zadie takes you to her favourite spots to shop for materials and textiles in the energetic streets of Soho in London and inside her studio, where she usually stitches and patches together her technicolour garments inspired by Korean shamanism. She delves into how her performances and costumes are her way of tapping into her ancestral lineages and learning about her own history through fantasy.

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Marie Alcober is a Filipino Canadian journalist currently based in London, United Kingdom. She is the creator of Dual Citizen, a mini documentary series exploring eureka moments of the Filipino diaspora.