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'You have to be respectful of their power': A wildlife sculptor on encountering bears in the woods

Cathryn Jenkins turned a childhood interest in her mother's stone sculpting studio and the outdoors into career.

Cathryn Jenkins turned a childhood interest in her mother's stone sculpting and the outdoors into career

Art Minute: Cathryn Jenkins

4 years ago
Duration 1:05
The Vancouver, B.C. sculptor on encountering the bears she sculpts in the wild.

"I grew up in Revelstoke (British Columbia) and the bear was something we were very aware when we'd be out huckleberry picking or hiking." As a child, Vancouver stone sculptor Cathryn Jenkins developed a love of the natural world along with an interest in her mother's stone sculpting studio. Now she's fused these two inspirations into a career as a full-time sculptor, carving bears, eagles and more.

In the video above, Jenkins describes an encounter she had with a bear — and, believe it or not, recommends the experience!

"You have to be respectful of their power," she says. "It's kind of our king of the jungle here in Canada. If you get a chance to go see them, it's well worth it to get a sense of something that really doesn't have a lot to do with mankind. They have their own world and it's a spiritual experience. It's a beautiful experience."

See some of Jekins' sculptures below:

(Cathryn Jenkins)
(Cathryn Jenkins)
(Cathryn Jenkins)

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