Why is Toronto giving Drake the key to the city?

Kanye West explains the Taylor Swift diss in his new song "Famous," Toronto mayor John Tory gives Drake the Key to the City and the world loses their minds over Beyonce's "Formation" at the Super Bowl: all that and more in this week's round-up of the best entertainment quotes.

The answer to that (rhetorical) question and more in this week's round-up of the best entertainment quotes

Drake met with Mayor John Tory in his office on Feb. 3 to discuss his contributions and future goals for the city of Toronto. (City of Toronto )

Why is Toronto giving Drake the key to the city? That's more or less a rhetorical question, but the answer, care of mayor John Tory, leads this week's round-up of the best entertainment quotes.

"This is a man who could live anywhere, but calls Toronto home. He wants us to be proud of him. And we are. I am. Toronto must tell its stories. We must celebrate our talent & harness it for change. This isn't swagger. It is key. Tomorrow I'll give out the Key to the City. This is why. @Drake"

Toronto mayor John Tory announces on Twitter that Drake will be given the key to the city.

"I did not diss Taylor Swift and I've never dissed her... First thing is I'm an artist and as an artist I will express how I feel with no censorship."

Kanye West's new song "Famous" includes the line "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous," and though West says Swift gave him her blessing, her spokesperson released a statement Friday saying that Swift not only denies these claims, but that when West shared the track with her in advance, she "cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message."

"I've played a lot of different people from a lot of different cultures. There is a core of humanity that travels right through every culture, and after all we're all from Africa originally. Berliners, we're all Africans really."

Meryl Streep, jury president of this year's Berlin International Film Festival, dismisses criticism that this year's jurors are all white.

"His wife JANE is making dinner and watching CNN on a small TV. She was model pretty once, but living an actual life has taken its toll."

Just one of our favourite tweets from @femscriptintros... The Twitter account, which launched this week and has attracted more than 40K followers so far, reveals how roles are written for women in Hollywood. CBC Radio's q talked to the guy behind the account, producer Ross Putman.

"I feel very strongly that it may possibly be Leo's year. And he is my closest friend in the world and I just couldn't imagine not being there to support him."

Kate Winslet tells BBC why she couldn't possibly boycott this year's Oscars.

"The wonderful thing about being a young writer is that you have no idea what kind of writer you are. You don't actually know what it is that you do, you just want to tell stories."

Neil Gaiman talks to CBC Radio's q about writing and The Sandman's return.

"It makes me proud. I wanted people to feel proud, have love for themselves."

After wrapping her Super Bowl performance, Beyonce responds to the buzz for her new song "Formation."

"We had nothing to do with the song and had no advance knowledge of it being released. We learned about it by seeing that we were trending as number one on Twitter, which is probably the first time that has ever happened."

How Red Lobster responded to a certain NSFW lyric from Beyonce's "Formation," a line that turned the seafood chain into a trending topic after the music video debuted.

"Race was brought in because Beyoncé was brought in. Brace yourself, because you might want to sit down for this, but Beyoncé is black."

A celebration of black culture, Beyonce's "Formation" marked a major moment for pop, and amid the rave reviews, politicians including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Toronto city councillor Jim Karygiannis condemned the video's politics, as did others who questioned whether race was an issue that should be tabled in a half-time show. Responding to the critics, The Daily Show's Jessica Williams dropped the mic…

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