Where my witches at? Instagram, obviously

Every day of Inktober, Sweeney Boo is conjuring a coven of spooky gals and basic witches.

Every day of Inktober, Sweeney Boo is conjuring a coven of spooky gals and basic witches

Hey, Boo. (Instagram/@sweeney_boo)

Witches do it better, and that's all the reason you need to follow Sweeney Boo this Inktober.

All month, CBC Arts will be featuring artists who are up for this annual artistic marathon — and with 79,000+ followers on Instagram, you might already know about Boo.

She's a French comic book artist living in Montreal, and since October began, she's been conjuring a coven of characters.

You'll find a few "basic witches" in the mix. (How else to explain all those Starbucks cups and yoga pants?) But every spooky gal stays true to a couple of witchy traditions. They love pointy hats as much as their animal familiars.

No black cats here, though — not yet, anyway. Instead, these witches keep koalas, otters, llamas, etc. It's our favourite quirk of the series so far, and certainly the cutest.

Check out some of the highlights below — but first, get to know Boo.

Name: Sweeney Boo

Homebase: Montreal

Style: "It's just a reflection of who I am in general. Let's say it's a painted version of my emotions."

Go-to materials? "I use Micron Pens (0.05) for the inking, Winsor & Newton brushes (a 0 and a 0/3) and China ink and black watercolour for the shading.

How many years have you done Inktober? "This is my fourth year, and I feel like it's actually the first time that I'm taking advantage of the event and challenging myself!"

Why do you do Inktober? "I first started because it was a nice challenge for me. At the time I was working mostly digitally, and the idea of working traditionally was always a bit scary. To be honest, I fell in love with it, and I don't work digitally anymore!"

Because it's a witch, it's cooler.- Sweeney Boo, artist

Theme: "Modern witches."

What's a modern witch? "It's a 21st century witch. She drinks her morning coffee at Starbucks, takes the bus to get to work and shares her life on social media. She takes selfies and takes pottery classes. That's basically anything that a normal person would do, but because it's a witch, it's cooler."

What keeps you motivated? "It's actually the first year I chose to follow a theme. I used to just draw whatever I wanted. Drawing witches for the Halloween month is so simple, but the fact that I need to make it look different is quite exciting and very motivating."

Which artists will you be following this month? "CreatureBox (@creaturebox), Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan), Jake Parker (@jakeparker)."

Beyond Inktober, where can people find your art? "Follow me on social media (@sweeneyboo). I post sketches and works in progress."

Check out some of her Inktober posts so far.

This conversation has been edited and condensed.

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