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What you missed in the newsletter: Fresh, must-watch docs on CBC Gem

Plus, the usual batch of top stories and eye candy...including an artist who's really "nailing" it.

Plus, the usual batch of top stories and eye candy...including an artist who's really 'nailing' it

Watch This Ink Runs Deep on CBC Gem. (CBC Arts)

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Hi, art lovers!

It's been a couple weeks, I know, so thanks for sticking with me while the newsletter went on a teensy break. I'm back! And it's good to be back!

Let's pick things up exactly where we left off — with me telling you about the latest CBC Arts–produced thing that you can binge immediately after reading this.

What's new?

This Ink Runs Deep! It's a short documentary about the renaissance in Indigenous tattoo culture that's happening all over the country. Since getting its world premiere at TIFF last month, the film's been on a bit of a festival tour, even picking up an award for best documentary short at the Calgary International Film Festival. (It appears at Toronto's imagineNATIVE next.) And in case you're curious about what it's like taking a movie on the road, read this. (I got on the phone with some of the filmmakers to hear what the experience has been like so far.) So, yeah. Watch it here.

When you're done, you might be poking around CBC Gem for something to watch next. Personally, I'll be queuing up IFC's Documentary Now!, because I've been waiting years to (legally) stream their Grey Gardens spoof. If you're strictly interested in CBC Arts content, consider the web series Seen & HeardIt takes you behind the scenes of a half-hearing/half-deaf theatre company, and it was just named best documentary/reality series at Minnesota WebFest. Yay!

And because we promised you eye candy

( Instagram/@ttcinsta)

I have yet to see this streetcar-turned-art-project in action — but maybe you've had better luck? It hit Toronto a few days back. Apparently it runs the 501 Queen route on weekends and 506 Carlton during the week.

( Museum London)

Fresh from Nuit Blanche, Toronto artist Esmaa Mohamoud just opened her first solo museum show in London, Ont. Find this piece there to Jan. 5.

( Instagram/@fjgoodman)

Look closely. Sculptor Frances Goodman is totally "nailing" it.

( Instagram/@otonielborda)

(Warning for reference librarians.) Paper sculptures by Otoniel Borda Garzon.

You've got to see this

Geek out on Wendy comicsThese are Wendy comics. And Walter Scott is the book's creator. He's featured in the new season of In the Making, so maybe watch his episode...and then read this essay on why Wendy's hot-mess misadventures are resonating with so many emerging artists (and the people who know them).

Take a photo walk with Meryl McMaster - From the woods to the studio, shadow the artist in Ottawa as she works on a new exhibition.

What does 'bakla' mean? - Well, there's the textbook definition of the Tagalog word: "a Filipino person assigned male at birth but may have adopted mannerisms traditionally regarded as feminine." But its meaning is infinitely more complicated to Winnipeg-based photographer Ally Gonzalo and many other queer Filipinx folks in the city. That's the subject of his new portrait series, and CBC cameras were there for a shoot. Watch.

Follow this artist 

(Jenn Woodall)

Jen Woodall (@funeralbeat) - If you grew up watching Sailor Moon, you should really know about Jenn Woodall by now. The Toronto-based illustrator draws girls: tough girls, magic girls — literal Sailor Scout girls. She can draw a mean CBC logo, too. She's our featured artist for October.

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