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What you missed in the newsletter: AGO acquisitions at Art Toronto and other eye candy

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Detail of Assemblage en bleu (Sphinx) by Celia Perrin Sidarous. Along with pieces by Rajni Perera and Duane Linklater, it's one of three works acquired by the AGO at Art Toronto. (Instagram/@agotoronto)

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Hi, art lovers!

Generally speaking, walking around a convention centre is one extremely garbage way to spend a lunch break. (Give me windows or give me death.) But I'll make an exception for Art Toronto, which took place this weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre — a monstrous concrete complex that happens to be conveniently located across the street from the office.

Actually, something like a third of the team's over there as I write this, scouting ideas for stories. (Over the years, we've wound up covering dozens of Canadian artists whose work we've discovered through the fair.) Aaaand...I'm starting to wish I was over there with them. Let's get moving on this newsletter!

Because we promised you eye candy


On the subject of Art Toronto, the AGO made three acquisitions there Thursday night — including this brand new Rajni Perera piece. The mixed-media portrait is called Fresh Air.

(Galerie D'Este)

Earlier this week, one of the producers was swooning over Véronique La Perrière M.'s charcoal drawings. So, now I'm swooning over them. And maybe you're swooning over them, too. (Incidentally, you can find her work in Galerie D'Este's booth at Art Toronto.)

( Instagram/@hannaleejoshi)

This Instagram is fire. (Love this post from Hanna Lee Joshi. She's at the ArtBreakers illustration market this weekend in Vancouver.)

(Via Colossal)

OK, I get it now. This is why people collect stamps. (Art by Elisabetta Di Maggio.)

You've got to see this

Boys Don't Cry turns 20: Trans folks weigh in on the movie's complicated legacy - Back in 1999, it was a critical hit. Hilary Swank won the Oscar. The drama was praised as a pioneering LGBTQ film. But does it hold up today?

So you want to buy something at Art Toronto - Step 1: save your money. Step 2: read advice from a bunch of Canadian art dealers. Step 3: gift-wrap your purchase and send it to me c/o CBC Arts.

Explore Vancouver with a hometown hero - Ken Lum stars in this week's episode of In the Making — but before you watch it on CBC Gem, go behind the scenes with director Chelsea McMullan. "He's one of my heroes and meeting someone you deeply admire can be complicated," says Chelsea. "But I quickly learned that although he has 'resting serious artist face,' he is so much fun!"

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Gillian King (@gillianking) - Ever thought of growing your own paints? Take this picture, for example. The colours you're seeing were made using things like onion skins and roses — and other plants that Gillian keeps in her "dye garden." We paid her a visit in Ottawa. Watch.

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