Trick or treat! Our logo is all dressed up for Halloween

Get to know Vancouver artist Victoria Sieczka, a.k.a. Bad Blood Club.

Get to know Vancouver artist Victoria Sieczka, a.k.a. Bad Blood Club

Boo-tiful. (Victoria Sieczka)

Hope you've got a sweet tooth. We're celebrating Halloween all month long, and our October profile pic is a trick-or-treater's dream, with a few festively spooky details to balance out all the cartoon candy corn and rockets. The design comes courtesy of Victoria Sieczka, a Vancouver-based artist who shares a lot of her work under the name "Bad Blood Club" — a brand she's hoping to eventually spin into a clothing line that'll be "inclusive to anyone who finds joy in the weirder things in life." Things like Halloween, for instance. Get to know more about her.

Name: Victoria Sieczka

Age: 27

Homebase: Vancouver

Let's talk about your design! The team asked for something packed with "Halloween cuteness," but what inspired your take on the CBC Arts logo?

I think people get really creative with pumpkin carving and it's really an artistic thing. I wanted to draw the parallels between the two art forms by making the CBC logo cut out of the pumpkin. 

What's the best thing about Halloween?

Candy, obviously! I love scary movies too, so the influx of new ones is great.

Your work is often packed with fun, little icons — like the candies and cobwebs, etc. in your design. Why is that a recurring theme in your illustrations?

I really like playing with similar elements to create pattern and illusions.

What's inspiring your art these days?

I am really inspired by European design. I love colours and abstract elements paired with literal ones.

Who's the last artist you discovered online?

I just recently discovered George Wylesol and I'm a huge fan of his work.

What's your favourite place to see art?

The new murals springing up around Vancouver for Mural Fest are really amazing. I recommend touring them for anyone wanting to see amazing art.

What's the art project you're most proud of?

I'm really proud of the mural I did for Art Smash this year on Granville Island. It was a huge challenge and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

Any new projects on the go that you'd like to mention? Where can we see more from you?

I'm painting a new mural alongside Ali Bruce at the new Emily Carr University campus. It's enormous and has definitely been a challenge. You can spot it on the sky train ride from VCC to Main Street Science World!

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