Gay culture has grown toxic with unchecked privilege. It's time for us to reset

An open letter to my fellow white gay cis men: there should be no "returning to normal" after this.

Our readers choose their own 'pandemic art heroes'

We asked for your picks, and here's a selection of what you sent to us.

10 Canadian heroes who have used arts and culture to help us through the pandemic

We look back at some of the folks we've highlighted the past year and ask: who's your pandemic art hero?

Our border may be closed, but this project is pairing Canadians and Americans to make art together

BIPOC artists in both countries interested in collaborating from a distance can apply now to Connecting Perspectives, the latest initiative from the Social Distancing Festival.

The 21 greatest movie award speeches of all time

From the Oscars to the Golden Globes to the Indie Spirits, some clips to get you through a winter without them.
Queer Pride Inside

In troubled times, Canadian icon Beverly Glenn-Copeland asks us to find our courage

The legendary singer, composer and transgender activist concludes our Queer Pride Inside series.
Queer Pride Inside

Let world-renowned Indigenous cellist Cris Derksen give you a concert from their living room

The lush "New Heya" was part of our virtual cabaret Queer Pride Inside.
Pandemic Diaries

How the pandemic forced me to slow down and stop smothering my anxiety with chronic busyness

"If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we need to lift ourselves and one another up as much as we can."
Queer Pride Inside

A staggering performance, a life-changing journey: Tawiah M'Carthy brings Obaaberima back to life

For our Queer Pride Inside cabaret, M'Carthy performed from his award-winning play chronicling a young African Canadian's release from prison.
Queer Pride Inside

'In the stillness of my queerness': How Stewart Legere stripped down his emotions for Wrong Machine

The Halifax artist's song and video were part of the CBC Arts virtual cabaret special Queer Pride Inside.
Pandemic Diaries

How do we grieve those we lose during this pandemic when we cannot attend their funerals?

I lost both my grandparents to COVID-19. But I will not lose my will to honour their legacies.
Queer Pride Inside

Burlesque troupe Les Femme Fatales are celebrating Black and Indigenous bodies like nobody else

Canada's first burlesque troupe for women of colour shared a stunning performance for our Queer Pride Inside special.
Pandemic Diaries

Being Jessica Fletcher: How binging Murder, She Wrote in quarantine is helping me be a better person

Writer Shawn Hitchins gives credit to the classic TV show for helping him reclaim a sense of decency in dark times.
Queer Pride Inside

A mantra for the misgendered: Storyteller Ivan Coyote offers some 'armour' for trans kids

Watch the prolific Coyote's moving performance from our virtual special Queer Pride Inside.
Pandemic Diaries

In the midst of lockdown, I met someone — but it was no match for the overwhelming pandemic solitude

Poet Marn Norwich on finding, then losing, her pandemic boyfriend.
Queer Pride Inside

'A call to arms in the form of a prayer': Drag king Gay Jesus urges us to protect the marginalized

The Toronto-based draglesque performer is calling on us to protect vulnerable communities from being dehumanized.
COVID Residencies

Stuck isolating in an Ivory Coast hotel during the pandemic, Maliciouz created three massive murals

For the Montreal artist "walls are like canvas" — luckily the hotel had some blank ones.
Pandemic Diaries

Ballad of the hospital bed allocator

Before leaving healthcare to pursue art, Charlie Petch worked as a bed allocator — and they'll never forget it.
Queer Pride Inside

How many more? Luna DuBois's poetic performance about anti-Black racism demands your attention

The Toronto drag queen wants people to understand that the work of social progression is never-ending.

There's no one way to do drag, and Vancouver collective The Darlings are proving that loud and queer

The non-binary quartet are about to offer their most ambitious performance yet.
Pandemic Diaries

A Canadian activist in New York pleads: We must all be a part of the fight against anti-Black racism

"It's not good enough to not be the bully that lives below; we must address the damage that is happening from within."
Queer Pride Inside

Meet the 'toxically defensive uber-Karen' embodied by artist Alexis O'Hara in this wild performance

The massive, unwieldy subject of white privilege heads into the woods (literally) in this clip from Queer Pride Inside.

Is live theatre ever coming back to Toronto?

Live theatre can return when Ontario reaches Stage 3. But is theatre ready for its comeback? Four recent Dora Award winners share their predictions.

Burlesque troupe Virago Nation are on a mission to reclaim Indigenous sexuality

Vancouver's Queer Arts Festival has gone virtual this year...and this is one event you won't want to miss.

Long live The Beaver: A celebration of Toronto's most beloved queer space

Folks connected to the dearly departed Queen West bar share their stories of why it meant so much to so many.