This is one scary cute way to learn your ABCs

Rosena Fung began the Halloween project as gift for her nephew, and her illustrations of adorable ghosts and ghouls are sweeter than a fistful of candy corn.

Rosena Fung's Halloween alphabet — started as a gift for her nephew — is sweeter than candy corn

G is for Ghosts! (Instagram/@rosenafung)

A is for apple bobbing.

B is for bat.

And C?

C is for the cutest thing we've shared all Inktober.

Rosena Fung is a Toronto artist who illustrates for the Globe and Mail and Bust when not cranking out her own diary comics — charmingly nerdy vignettes about her favourite people and places and food.

Oh, the food.

Whether she's drawing odes to Cheetos or dim sum or Toronto's best brunch, you'll want to slurp up these tangled and curvy cartoons. And considering her well-documented love of junk food, it's no wonder she's a major fan of Halloween, a day entirely dedicated to hoarding sacks of free candy.

This Inktober, Fung is drawing an entire Halloween alphabet, and the twinkly-eyed ghosts and ghouls appearing on her Instagram are sweeter than a fistful of candy corn.

Fung tells CBC Arts that she started the project as a gift to her little nephew, but even if you already know your ABCs, this Inktober project is a treat.

But first, get to know the artist.

Name: Rosena Fung

Homebase: Toronto

How do you like to describe your art? "Whimsical, intricate, a lot of colour, a love letter to food."

Go-to materials? "I usually use Speedball India ink, a tiny brush and colour digitally. But for Inktober, I decided to try new materials: Pigma Sakura fine brush marker, Faber Castell PITT brush marker, Staedtler triplus fineliner, Microns, Posca markers, Winsor & Newton pigment markers, Copic markers, Prismacolor col-erase pencil crayon and a white gel pen."

How many years have you done Inktober? "This is actually my first year!"

Why are you doing Inktober? "It's nice to be part of a collective experience of artists united in a frenzy of creating with my favourite material (ink). It's also a challenge to create something every day, but I find the constant drive to keep working facilitates more ideas, creativity and productivity."

I just enjoy drawing Halloween things so much that every time I sit down to do one, I can't wait to do more.- Rosena Fung, artist

Theme: "Halloween alphabet."

Where did the idea come from? "My nephew was born in October, so I consider him a Halloween baby, and I wanted to make an alphabet book for him to learn how to read!"

"Plus Halloween is my most favourite holiday of the year."

The alphabet only has 26 letters, so what happens after October 26? "More Halloween drawings! Bonus letter material."

What keeps you motivated to do a drawing per day? "Social media and peer pressure holds me accountable for getting a drawing out there every day! (laughs)"

"But to be honest, I just enjoy drawing Halloween things so much that every time I sit down to do one, I can't wait to do more."

Favourite drawing so far? "G is for ghosts! Ghosts playing Boouija! So silly!"

Which artists are you following this month? Who's your top 3? "So many! So hard to choose! But so far my top faves are: Tina Tran (@imawonder), who is doing a stunning compilation of alphabet witches; Lucie Bryon/Luchie (@heyluchie) is making daily autobiographical comics; and Roman Muradov (@roman_m) who is using the official Inktober 2017 prompt list to create experimental drawings through mark-making. Check them all out!"

Beyond Inktober, where can people find your art? "My website or @rosenafung on Instagram."

This conversation has been edited and condensed.

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