This dad takes his son's artwork to the next level — and their videos have gone viral

Watch artist James Raiz transform his son's imagined superhero into a bell bottom and high heel-wearing comic book character.

Watch James Raiz transform his son's imagined superhero into a comic book character

(James Raiz)

Toronto-based artist James Raiz started his YouTube channel, TheBoxOfficeArtist, in 2013, and now has almost half a million subscribers who tune in for his tutorials, drawing challenges, time-lapses and much more. Raiz, a visual effects artist and graphic novel illustrator, ​has a passion for film and superheroes (check out his Avengers: Infinity War mural) — but one of his greatest sources of inspiration is his young son's imagination and artwork.

Raiz started posting time-lapse videos where he re-draws his young son's superheroes in his classic comic book style, and they've been a huge hit on his channel (this one has 1.7 million views).

Watch the video:

James Raiz collaborates with his son for amazing illustrations


2 years ago
Watch artist James Raiz turn his 9-year-old son's drawing into a comic book superhero. 2:17

The process is simple: his 9-year-old son imagines a character, then Raiz re-interprets that character in his own style — creating a hero worthy of a Marvel comic cover.

In this time-lapse video, watch Raiz re-create the mallet-wielding, high-heeled character of his son's dreams.

(CBC Arts)
(CBC Arts)

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