This CBC Arts logo is inspired by alien psychedelia ... and Dua Lipa

Saida Saetgar worked on the pop star's new remix collection Club Future Nostalgia, and those designs inspired this logo.

Saida Saetgar worked on the pop star's new remix collection, and those designs inspired this logo

How does Saida Saetgar describe her style? "Cosmic renaissance and magical dream aesthetics." (Saida Saetgar)

Every month, we feature a new take on the CBC Arts logo created by a Canadian artist. Check out our previous logos!

Last spring, Saida Saetgar (f.k.a. Saetgareeva) brought some of her cosmic 3D graphics to an episode of CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, and ever since, the Vancouver-based motion designer has been good and busy, showing her work in New York, Los Angeles and Art Basel. 

"Feeling super lucky!" she writes. And her proudest moment so far? Making a video for her favourite pop star, Dua Lipa.

Saetgar designed and animated visuals for the singer's just-released remix collection Club Future Nostalgia. (The spacey floral graphics in this month's profile pic? They kinda play a cameo during the track "Love is Religion.") 

She told us more about it over email.

Name: Saida Saetgar

Age: 26

Homebase: Vancouver

Let's talk about your design! What's going on behind the gem? 

I'm heavily inspired by classical art, especially the Rococo movement and surrealism. I'm still seeking a way to mix past and present while exploring themes of the alien, cosmic and psychedelic.

What's the project you're most proud of?

My recent work for Dua Lipa's remix album. I can't believe I managed to design, animate and render everything in such a short time frame! My CBC logo was inspired by it, too!

How did you wind up connecting with Dua Lipa? How did that opportunity come about?

I was approached by the animation studio Blinkink based in London. Absolutely loved working with these guys!

Did you collaborate with Dua Lipa on the video? How did the process work?

No, not with Dua Lipa directly, but with the producer and director responsible for that video. In the mograph industry, it's quite rare to work with big clients directly.

You mentioned everything came together in a short time frame. How short are we talking?

One month. The concept changed twice and the song changed three times, so in summary, the look and edit changed a lot. The biggest challenge with 3D animation in contrast to 2D is that each frame takes a lot more time to render. It usually takes me seven days (approximately 175 hours) to render a one-minute animation (unless I'm using render farm services). Putting that in perspective, the concept and the song changed one and a half weeks before the deadline, meaning I had to come up with a new concept/look and edit, get each step signed off by the director and producer and render animation. All these steps in just 10 days.

What's your favourite place to see art?

Instagram and Pinterest for design and illustrations. Flickr for classical art.

Who's the last artist you discovered online?

Tim Grove. I love their sense of design, lighting, surreal and psychedelic moods.

What work of art do you wish you owned?

A dress by Iris van Herpen and a mask by Nikita Replyanski.

Where can we see more from you?

On my Instagram @saidamagic.

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