This Art Works! How to record your period and represent black bodies

Annie Wong takes us on a journey from period shame to period pride while Farihah Shah presents America's dirty laundry through her photography.

A journey from period shame to period pride and America's dirty laundry presented through photography

In the last episode of the season, The Head is ashamed to learn that he needs to be repaired. Annie Wong helps him deal his shame by sharing how she transformed her own shame about her menstruation into period pride! Paddy Leung teaches us how to make a DIY Tamponata filled with expensive tampons to share with your friends for your next moon party. Finally, artist Farihah Shah shows how we can use photography and art to confront uncomfortable pressing issues, no matter how prickly they are.

There are artists who make pretty pictures to hang on your mantle. This Art Works! is not about those artists. A new original series for CBC Arts, This Art Works! is a subversively surreal showcase of provocative projects by Canadian artists tackling today's most pressing and controversial issues. Using a variety of artistic methods (ball-gags, street signs, blanket forts and menstrual blood just to name a few), the artists let their imaginations run wild to make art work for social change. With a supporting cast of comedians, This Art Works! fuses the wholesomeness of children's television with an absurdist comedic bent, creating a bizarre world unlike any other.

Created by art collective Madeleine Co. and produced in partnership with OCAD University, This Art Works! is the gleeful mix of '90s nostalgia, comedy and contemporary art practice you didn't know you needed. Watch the full season online now!


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