There is a Drake colouring book because of course there is

There's a new Drake colouring book, so CBC Arts created a colouring page of our own, one commemorating Exhibitionists' favourite moment in Drake: that time Salman Rushdie rapped "Forever" and "6 God."

Throw shade all over the page, just like you're Meek Mill

When faced with a case of the feels, who better to listen to than Drake, Toronto's very own grand duke of the drunk dial and pop-culture's most beloved sad-sack, second only to Eeyore the donkey, or maybe that old cry-face meme of James Van Der Beek

And when it comes to salves for a broken heart, the only thing (arguably) more popular than Drake might be colouring books. Because as the never-ending onslaught of trend pieces would suggest, Canadians love colouring in the lines. Not only is it a culturally acceptable way to regress back to the thumb-sucking comforts of toddler-hood, but it's a "therapeutic activity to de-stress and increase mindfulness." (Hat tip to the trend piece we ran on CBC Arts for that quote.)

So dry your eyes, and swap that box of wine for a box of Crayolas because today brings news of a glorious mash-up of the two. There's a Drake colouring book, because of course there is, and it's from UK publisher Sugoi Books. Compiling illustrations from 15 different artists, Under Star Projectors: The Unofficial Drake Coloring Book, allows you to colour your feelings in James Turrell-inspired magentas and blues, while revisiting some of Drizzy's finest moments.

No guarantee, however, that one of those pictures commemorates that time Salman Rushdie rapped such go-to Drizzy tracks as "What's My Name?" and "Forever," so CBC Arts decided to make a Drake colouring page of our own.

Right-click the image and open it in a new tab, then print it off. Time to start throwing shade all over the page just like you're Meek Mill. 

(Leah Collins/CBC Arts)

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