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Forget war — filmmaker Denis Villeneuve cares more about how human conflict is its own battle

Revisit the Québécois cinema pioneer in conversation with George Stroumboulopoulos about his Oscar-nominated breakthrough thriller 'Incendies'.

'It's not war that I'm interested in — it's family'

Denis Villeneuve reflects on Incendies on The Strombo Show

5 years ago
Duration 0:59
Director Denis Villeneuve isn't interested in making movies about war — he cares more about family battles.

Denis Villeneuve's latest film, the hotly-anticipated action flick Blade Runner 2049, is due to be released this October. But before that, the pioneering Quebec filmmaker made his mark in Canadian Screen Award-winning features such as Polytechnique and Incendies — the latter of which is featured on this week's episode of The Filmmakers.

Back in 2011, the director spoke with George Stroumboulopoulos to dig into Incendies — newly released at the time — and what inspires him to create such action-filled and thrilling movies. Villeneuve says that despite his work's often war-based themes, he is not inspired by war itself but by the human condition and the way interpersonal conflict is a battle all to itself.
When you have the chance to use a camera, you have to use it in order to talk about something that is very important to you.- Denis Villeneuve, filmmaker

The movie — which went on to win a Canadian Screen Award for Best Motion Picture — will be featured on this week's episode of The Filmmakers. Tune in this Saturday to find out more about why it's such an important part of the Canadian film canon.

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