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Deepa Mehta has a message for Canadian filmmakers

"We don't have to emulate anybody," the Oscar-nominated director says on this weekend's episode of The Filmmakers.

'We don't have to emulate anybody'

"We don't have to emulate anybody," the Oscar-nominated filmmaker says on this weekend's episode of The Filmmakers. 0:25
Deepa Mehta obviously knows a thing or two about making movies. Including her 1991 feature debut Sam & Me, she's directed 9 films, including the Oscar-nominated 2005 film Water, which will be airing this weekend after the latest episode of The Filmmakers. So what would she tell Canadians trying to follow in her footsteps?

"Don't try and compete with the Americans," Mehta says in this preview of her interview on The Filmmakers. "That's what I would tell Canadian filmmakers."

Mehta says we have enough stories and enough moments to celebrate that can make for wonderful cinema.

"We don't have to emulate anybody."

Hear, hear.

Watch Deepa Mehta on The Filmmakers this Saturday at 10:00 p.m. (10:30 NT) on CBC Television, or stream it at After the episode, stick around to see this week's feature presentation, her 2005 film Water.


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