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Meet the Dopamine Collective, a group of scientists shedding their lab coats to make art

The Dopamine Collective — a group of scientist with artistic inclinations — pushes against the limits of what you could reasonably consider an art collective.

The old-fashioned pleasure of sending and receiving art by mail, from The Graey

The Graey's members, all in their teens and early 20s, are part of the most digitally connected generation in human history — so it's only natural that their Collective video would harken back to an earlier, more personal form of creative expression: mail art.

Enter Wolf/Sheep Arthouse, a buzzing hub of music, tattoo, street art and more in downtown Victoria

Wolf/Sheep Arthouse is a hub for artistic collaboration between musicians, tattoo artists, street artists, video producers and other members of Victoria's art scene. This video takes you right inside Wolf/Sheep's beating heart.

An epic lightsaber battle between Reagan and Gorbachev, from The Creators Bureau

For their Collective, The Creators Bureau video was inspired by the way that the movies can help bridge geopolitical divides — and what better way to symbolize that than with a lightsaber battle between two Cold War rivals, Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan?

Finding joy in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, with Thursdays Writing Collective

In this short documentary, members of Thursdays Writing Collective, a drop-in writing group in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, talk about how life in the neighbourhood feeds into their work, and what it means to come together each week and share a piece of themselves.

Exploring solitude (and caves!) with Team Macho and DSP Work Archive

To produce this irreverent but strangely meditative video, two Toronto collectives — the illustration and fine-art group Team Macho and DSP Work Archive, a video, comics and theatre outfit — joined forces to form a super collective.

En Masse fuses stop-motion with collaborative drawing in this mesmerizing video

En Masse is a Montreal-based multi-artist collective that creates black and white drawings. In this Q & A, the group's co-founder Jason Botkin discusses the role of spontaneity and the ability to find unity among artists of diverse disciplines.

A vision of creativity and resilience in the North, from PA System and Cape Dorset youth

What would it be like if the young people of the North started self organizing? In Darn Windy, PA System and the youth of Cape Dorset have made a mysterious, evocative portrait of creativity, resilience and resistance out on the land.

Filipino beats meet Aboriginal rhymes in this collaboration from The Remix Project

For their Collective video, The Remix Project enlisted the help of the program's alumni, who wrote, filmed, shot and directed a series of interconnected music videos featuring City Natives, an Indigenous hip-hop group, and Datu, a Filipino musical collective.

Go deep inside the creation of a powerful new dance work, with 605 Collective

605 Collective is a Vancouver-based dance company dedicated to producing new dance through a shared creative process. This brief look inside of the creative process for 605 Collective’s newest work-in-progress explores the complex task of finding the ensemble while celebrating individuality.

Mammalian Diving Reflex probes what's really going on inside the mind of a teenager

A meditation on the roiling emotional depths beneath the surface of the teenage mind, from Mammalian Diving Reflex's teen collective, The Torontonians.

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