The latest CBC Arts logo is holiday decorating #goals

Margie Lucier painted it. Guess we need to find a tree for the office now...

Margie Lucier painted it. Guess we need to find a tree for the office now...

You wish your tree looked this good. (Margie Lucier)

When we're finally read to drag the Christmas tree out of storage, this'll be the ornament we reach for first.

Margie Lucier, an acrylic painter from Winnipeg, made it just for CBC Arts — and yes, that's a silhouette of Santa's top airborne employee in the middle.  

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was my favourite Christmas movie growing up," Lucier tells us over email. "And it still holds a special place in my heart."

Coincidentally, the holiday classic is airing on CBC Television Saturday, Dec. 20 at 7 p.m. (7:30 NT). As for Lucier's design, you'll find it all over our social accounts this December.

What else inspired the piece? Read on.

The North Pole is looking very green these days. Painted ornament by Margie Lucier. (Courtesy of the artist)

Name: Margie Lucier

Age: 27

Homebase: Winnipeg — born and raised!

Let's talk about your design! What inspired your take on the CBC Arts logo? 

My design is for December, so I, of course, thought that it should be holiday-related! I was inspired by my favourite Christmas movie and by the beauty of a starry sky on a cool night. I created the logo with acrylic paint on a slice of a tree branch that I then turned into an ornament. This is the second year I have been using reclaimed wood to make Christmas tree decorations.

Your Instagram handle is @tiny.painting. How tiny are we talking?

So my standard sized "tiny painting" is only 2x2 inches, but I paint even smaller than that. I create hand-painted jewelry that is roughly the size of a quarter!

How did miniature paintings become your niche? 

I have always been detail-oriented in my works. I enjoy adding small features on canvas the most, so I figured why not try to focus on doing that but do it on a tiny canvas?

Tiny paintings also allow me to bring more of my ideas to life and make my artwork more accessible to everyone. Some people don't have the space for large pieces of artwork, but my paintings can fit perfectly on a shelf or work desk.

What's the project you're most proud of?  

The project I'm most proud of is my recent solo exhibition at Warehouse Artworks Gallery. I spent two years creating a collection of 50 tiny paintings along with 20 larger works of art. The Winnipeg Free Press wrote a full-spread article on my exhibition for the Arts & Culture section, and I was even featured on the front page of the newspaper! It was an amazing experience.

Who is the last artist you discovered online? 

I recently discovered the works of Henri Prestes. I love that his photographs at first glance look like paintings. We both seem to be inspired by deep, dark and moody colour tones.

What work of art do you wish you owned? 

If I could own one piece of artwork from any artist, I would want the painting Ophelia by the artist Sir John Everett Millais. I currently have a framed print of the painting, but it would be a dream to own the original.

Where can we see more from you? 

I want to participate more in local markets in the coming year, along with getting my paintings into more galleries and businesses. The best place to find all my latest creations is on my Instagram account. My work is also showcased at Warehouse Artworks Gallery in downtown Winnipeg. Or you can find me on Etsy, if you want to own a piece of my work! 

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