The internet fell in love with these dog photos — and a ton of love went into them

Toronto photographer Jess Bell went from celebrating her new dog Cohen to creating dynamic images of dogs bursting through coloured powder - and she's telling you why.

'I want to create pieces that are going to be remembered long after our dogs are gone'

Toronto photographer Jess Bell knew her new puppy would change her life - but she couldn't have predicted the extent to which that would become true.

Bell describes young Cohen, an Australian Shepherd, as a mass of "teeth and energy" with a voracious appetite for learning tricks (and, of course, earning the resulting snacks). Learning clicker training took the photographer and her dog down many roads, one of which led to the Canadian National Exhibition stage where Cohen performed with the SuperDogs.

Note: many cute dogs can be found within this video

How does Jess Bell take the animal photographs that mesmerize the internet? She shows you her process. 5:09

In this video, Bell shares her technique for capturing the frenetic energy of many different dogs in the photographs that have brought her many devoted fans. She introduces you to Cohen, who, by the way, has been decorated with many awards and has performed in movies and commercials (not to mention the fact that she has a Facebook following many humans might dream about). And Bell opens up about what taking these photos has meant to her — as an artist, a dog mom and the mother to her young daughter.

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