The CBC Arts holiday gift guide: 2019 edition

Shop unique items by Canadian artists we've covered.

Shop unique items by Canadian artists we've covered

Dear Santa: we've been very, very, very good this year. (Anna May Henry, Kirsten Hatfield, Annika Hoefs, Jenn Woodall, Nugs, Kari Kristensen)

It's the most wonderful time of year: gift guide season! And this particular shopping list features unique items c/o Canadian artists we've covered right here.

Handmade presents are always best...when the makers know what the sweet figgy pudding they're doing. Get browsing!


"No Name" scarf

Anna May Henry, $125

For wearing and/or hanging.


"Chinook Skies" earrings

Indi City, $180

To call these 3.5 inch hoops a statement piece would be, well, an understatement. (They're hand-beaded by Calgary-based Cree/Métis designer Angel Aubichon.)


"Cordova" sneakers

Kari Kristensen x Six Hundred Four, $290

Inspired by Kristensen's linocut prints, these limited-edition leather kicks come in four colourways. (Feeling matchy-matchy? Complete the look with a T-shirt and enamel pin. It's $40 for the set.)


3D Retro Viewer

Paul Jackson, $45

VR? Whatever. Viewmaster still slams. (Click through drawings by Paul Jackson.)

(Jenn Woodall)

Zodiac calendar

Jenn Woodall, $30

Your reading for 2020: expect happiness, prosperity...and 12 months of rad risographs.

(Arcane Bullshit/Evan Doherty)

Arcane Bullshit oracle deck

Arcane Bullshit, $40

A tool for satirical guidance. (Its matching "velvety" pouch — emblazoned with a mystical golden fart — will cost you $10 extra.)

(Annika Hoefs)

Chevron bowls

Annika Hoefs, $38

Find these speckled bowls through the Craft Ontario Shop. Hoefs stocks a variety of hand-made ceramics through her website, too, so keep an eye out for fresh items.


Tea towel

The Quarrelsome Yeti, $19.50

A hand-printed tea towel (depicting a ruthless squirrel snowball fight). Name a more classic hostess gift. I'll wait.



Lisa LaRose, $12

To-do: buy all of the notepads in Lisa LaRose's Etsy shop.

(Tee Fergus)

"Ride the Wave" T-shirt

Tee Fergus, $30

For the VSCO girl on your list. (Scrunchie and puka shell choker not included.) Each top is hand-dyed and hand-printed by Toronto tattoo artist Tee Fergus.


"Milk Drop" hoodie

SOAP, $48

SOAP's T-shirt designs are all about queer Canadian nostalgia. (Hiding homo milk at the back of the fridge: a part of our heritage.)

(Kirsten Hatfield)

"Alien Organism" all-over-print sweatshirt

Kirsten Hatfield, $60

A colourful Christmas sweater that you'll actually wear all year.

(Kirsten Hatfield)

"Cloudy Feelings" embroidered patch

Kirsten Hatfield, $10

Every gift needs more flair. Throw in a patch (or five).

Four Continents Skateboard Set - Miss Europe. Kent Monkman in collaboration with Colonialism Skateboards, 2018. (

"Four Continents" skateboard set

Kent Monkman x Colonialism Skateboards, $400

After a successful collaboration in 2017, Monkman teamed up with this Regina skate shop for another series of artist skateboards. Good luck tracking down the entire collection, but it seems you can still find a few through Patel Gallery and Monkman's own website.

(CBC Arts)


Nugs, $10

What if the only place to buy Pokemon was a craft fair in the GTA? That's one way to think of Nugs — though you can catch these cute figurines on Etsy, too. Collect them all, from Swamp Dude to Business Elephant.


Little Me

Little Canada, $149 and up

Are the Nugs not cute enough for you? Is nothing on this entire planet cuter than impossibly adorable you?! If you're in Toronto, get this miniature museum to make you a teeny tiny self-portrait. You get a trademarked "Little Me" to keep (or gift), and they'll drop a copy into one of their dioramas.


Christmas tree ornaments

Margie Lucier, $29.40

Each hand-painted scene is as unique as a snowflake — appropriate considering how much she seems to dig winter. But just wait until you see Lucier's latest design. She's painting a CBC Arts logo that'll debut in December.

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