The CBC Arts gift guide

If you have any art lovers and culture vultures on your shopping list, CBC Arts has rounded up a few choice items just in time for the holidays.

16 holiday treats for the art lovers and culture vultures on your shopping list

A CBC Arts Gift Guide present? For me? (Getty Images)

What to buy the art fan on your list when you can't put an original Tom Thomson under the tree? Just in time for the holidays, CBC Arts suggests a few charming tchochkes — at all price levels — for the ones you love.

This Book is a Camera

Why buy a book about art when you could buy a book that makes it? Designed by Kelli Anderson, this ingenious pop-up gives you everything you need to start taking pictures. Open it up, and assemble your own camera obscura, right from the pages. A pack of black-and-white photo paper is included, and Anderson provides detailed instructions for first-time pinhole photographers. ($29 US,

Team Art colouring books

Adult colouring books exploded this year, but Team Art was ahead of the trend. The Toronto-based duo has been producing a self-published series of colouring books for a few years, but their pocket-size editions are perfect for nostalgic daydreamers.


Swoon (and laugh) over your celebrity crushes with editions dedicated to Boy Bands, Hunky Dudes, and Funny Guys. If anyone on your shopping list used to scribble "Mrs. Timberlake" all over their Note-Tote, these are for them. ($11 and up,

Walls Notebook

(Quirk Books)

If you know someone who thinks colouring inside the lines is for "sheeple," or if you know someone who uses the term "sheeple," a suggestion: the Walls Notebook could be the anti-colouring-book colouring book for them. It's 160 pages of urban photography, walls and subway stations and billboards just waiting to be tagged with the Krylon aerosol can of your choice. ($16.95 US, Quirk Books)

Ekow Nimako Little Boom Box

(Ekow Nimako)

As seen on TV — CBC Arts' Exhibitionists, specifically! Toronto artist Ekow Nimako makes wearable Lego sculptures, including this "Big Boom Box" necklace. ($49.99,

Shantell Martin Bicycle


Even when you knew you wouldn't be able to pull it out of the shed for months, what kid didn't want a new bike for Christmas? A luxury item for the arts-loving cyclist, this Martone Cycling Co. bike has been customized by popular stream-of-consciousness street artist Shantell Martin. Just one of 15, it comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. ($3,800 US,



It's the next best thing to a magic wand. The 3Doodler lets you create plastic sculptures by simply drawing them into existence. The device itself warms plastic cartridges, sort of like a hot-glue gun, which allow you to "draw" your ideas in 3D. And while there are plenty of pattern books available, the 3Doodler can make anything you imagine, from model buildings and action figures to jewelleryand home decor. ($134.99, DeSerres)

AGO Cufflinks


For the Torontonian man in your life who wants more people to know he's a gallery member. ($80, Shop AGO


(Stephanie Cheng)

As in-demand as they are, a Hotline Bling Ugly Christmas sweater can only be worn once a year. Keep the 6 god close to your heart all year long with some actual hotline bling, a Drake-inspired enamel pin created by Montreal designer Stephanie Cheng. ($10,

Team Macho Ouija Board

(Magic Pony)

We have only one question, all powerful Ouija: Where are caves?! Watch the Team Macho (with DSP Work Archive) episode of CBC Arts' The Collective, and all will be clear. ($30, Magic Pony)

Heavy Metal Nutcrackers

(Etsy/Samurai White)

It's the darkest time of year. Embrace the shadows this holiday season with handmade nutcracker heirlooms that celebrate the lords and ladies of heavy metal. Dio come, all ye faithful… and visit Etsy to learn more.($140, Samurai White)

Regional Assembly of Text

For those dedicated to preserving the art of hand-written correspondence in 2015, the year of the "Face with Tears of Joy" emoji, BC's Regional Assembly of Text is sympathetic to the cause. Stock up on their screen-printed notebooks and stationery. ($6 and up, Regional Assembly of Text)

Mount Royal Mint

(Mount Royal Mint)

Embrace the winter fantasy of the holiday season with the soft sculptures of Montreal's Sabina Gibson, a.k.a. Mount Royal Mint.

(Land of Nod)

For the grown-ups on your list, her charming spirit bears and narwhals and magic ponies and more can be custom ordered through Etsy.

But kid-friendly Mount Royal Mint designs have been licensed by retailers like Land of Nod, too. If the little ones on your list are still too small to handle the responsibility of a new kitten or puppy, perhaps "My Pet Unicorn" will do. (My Pet Unicorn $149 US, Land of Nod)

Man Ray Chess Set

(Regency Chess)

Do your holidays traditions involve lazy gaming afternoons with mom and Dada? Here's an heirloom gift suggestion: a reproduction of the Man Ray chess board found at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. ($650, Regency Chess)

Tibi Tibi Neuspiel Dorito Pin

(Magic Pony)

For the friend who loves junk food, let them wear their heart on their sleeve… or their pocket or their lapel. Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, whom you might remember from a past episode of Exhibitionists, created these Dorito Pins for a 2013 show at Toronto's Narwhal gallery. ($150, Magic Pony


(Unit 70 Studios)

At Christmas time he descends to punish all the bad little boys and girls, but for a very special person on your list, a custom Krampus sculpture could be one sweet reward. Unit 70 Studios makes Krampii like these to order. But you better watch out: the deluxe model (featuring cage and shrieking problem child) will cost you extra. ($1,200 US and up, Unit 70 Studios)

Magritte necklace


Ceci n'est past un gift. ($40 US,


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