The 2018 CBC Arts Mother's Day Gift Guide

Don't tell mom, but we picked out a few things...Shop Canadian artists who've been featured on CBC Arts.

Don't tell mom, but we picked out a few things...

Everything in this gift guide was made by a Canadian artist we've featured right here on CBC Arts. Clockwise from left: Necklace by Aurelie Guillaume, CXBO chocolates, Pickle and Francois diorama, Ashleigh Green carry-all pouch. (Galerie Guyomarc'h, CXBO, Pickle and Francois, Society6)

You know your mom best, but here's the thing: Mother's Day is this Sunday, and if you still haven't picked out a present, it's time to stop contemplating the gift card rack at the supermarket and get help. Our help, for instance — and lucky you, we've already picked out a whole list of options. Let's get shopping...

Aurélie Guillaume, "Ma Pearls"

"Ma Pearls" by Aurelie Guillaume. (Courtesy of Galerie Guomarc'h)

Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h, $4,720

It might not seem like psychedelic art jewelry is mom's thing, but this necklace literally has her name all over it. Behold "Ma Pearls," from Auré​lie Guillaume.

What? Was that too much of a dad joke for Mother's Day? Well, there are plenty more options available through Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h, including cloisonné pendants, brooches and even a set of "Ultra DeLuxe" nails by this Montreal artist — the ultimate Mother's Day mani for an art-loving mom.

Aurélie Guillaume, "Les Marguerites" plate

"Les Marguerites" plate by Aurelie Guillaume. (Courtesy of Pilar Agueci)

Pilar Agueci, $110

Or say it with flowers...and ceramics. Each one of these stern-faced stonewear plates is made by hand. Just like mom, they're precious and unique — and so not putting up with your B.S.

Moon and Sparrow, "Anatomy of a Mother's Heart" print

Print by Moon and Sparrow. (Courtesy of Moon and Sparrow)

Etsy, $38

Montreal's Moon and Sparrow is known for her twee maps of just about everything, including the anatomy of mother's heart, which is, apparently, comprised of ventricles, pumps...and unicorns. This print, available in four colours, is one of the artist's signature designs, and with purchase you'll receive an extra special bonus: a laminated membership card to the "Kick Ass Mom Club." For a more personalized option, Moon and Sparrow is also taking commissions for custom Mother's Day illustrations ($150), but heads up: only two are left as of writing.

Pie art

You get a pie, and you get a pie...and mom gets a pie. (Instagram/@thepieous)

Your kitchen, priceless

It's art that mom can put in her fridge, not on it, so if you're big on homemade gifts, especially those of the edible variety, power up your baking skills with help from Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin. The Vancouver "pie artist" offers plenty of ambitious tutorials through her website, or try your luck tracking down a copy of her book, Pie Modding (currently out of stock). Even if your attempt at making a Belle pie turns out looking like a total beast, mom will love you anyway. Probably.

Pickle and Francois diorama

Cuter than you'll ever be. (Courtesy of Pickle and Francois)

Contact artist for pricing

Do you and mom share precious memories of storytime? Or does she, like everyone with two eyes and a heart, melt at the sight of chipmunk in a top hat? Calgary fibre artist Pickle and Francois is a master of all things adorable. This particular music box has already been sold, but you can contact the artist through her website for a custom cute overload.

Manifesto! The Art Movements Game

Apparently it's like Go Fish, but with super sweet illustrations by Lauren Tamaki. (Amazon)

Amazon, $17.84

A stylish (and educational) addition to family game night, this card game features dynamic new illustrations by one of our faves: Brooklyn-by-way-of-Calgary artist Lauren Tamaki.

Priscilla Yu monthly planner

As if mom could get any more organized... (Courtesy of Priscilla Yu)

Artist's website, $12

Because mom has so much more going on in her life than calling to make sure you're eating dinner. Designed by Vancouver's Priscilla Yu, this 13-month calendar is pocket-sized and totally customizable.

Calling... by Heather Buchanan

Call your mom. Maybe send her this book, too. (Courtesy of Heather Buchanan)

Artist's website, $25

You should really call home more often. This book collects Buchanan's popular paintings of classic film and TV characters talking on the telephone...possibly with their own mothers.

Pet portrait by Carolyn Nikolai

Carolyn Nikolai. Dusty. Acrylic on gallery style canvas. (Courtesy of the artist)

Artist's website, $275 and up

Rover's the real golden child of the family, so get over your fur sibling rivalry for a second and consider a gift certificate from Carolyn Nikolai, an Ottawa painter who specializes in personalized dog (and horse) portraits.

Ashleigh Green "Plant Collector" pouches

One of the plant-lover designs by Ashleigh Green. (Society6)

Society6, $42.99

Or maybe she's a plant mom? Kelowna illustrator Ashleigh Green has loads of leafy designs available through her Society6 page. Choose your favourites and have them printed on a three-piece set of handy carry-all pouches.

CXBO Chocolates

Classic, but not too classic... (CXBO)

CXBO, various prices

Mother's Day chocolates aren't boring when they look — and taste — like this. If you and mom are based in the GTA, CXBO's signature Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg ($50) could be yours for the smashing. (Store pickup only. See how it's made in this video.) Their other hand-painted treats, however, can be shipped throughout the country, like the 18-piece CXBO Signature Collection, for instance, which features the shop's O.G. chocolate confections, including cinnamon/brown butter, salted caramel and raspberry rose fennel flavours ($45).

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